Zoe St. Clair

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“They fell like stars, brilliant, violent, fiery, and here I sit weaving flowers into the craters they left behind as if I could make a garden of a grave."
- Zoe St. Clair


The Last of the St. Clair's.... For decades the St. Clair's have been a notable family among the people, wielding their wealth like a tool to serve the community. Among their notable contributions to the People is the Hart Island Tur, which with the exception of the small St. Clair house, was opened to the community just over a decade ago.

Transformation Among Traitors After decades as a wolf blood, Zoe recently underwent her first change while exacting justice against the traitor Shin Ishihara. The traitor did not survive the encounter.

In Memory of... Loss and Remembrance seem to be a reoccurring theme for the Ithaeur, punctuating nearly every pivotal moment of her life, perhaps the most profound of those moments was her initiation into the Bone Shadows by the Second Born, Hakul-Ur. Early in 2022 she painstakingly crafted a memorial garden on Hart Island for Forsaken and Pure alike, and it seems to have taken a toll on the woman.

Scenarios We Could Find Ourselves In

No! No! Don't let the door close! (General) One of us didn't catch the door in time, and now we are stuck on a roof together!

Green Thumb (General) Botanical Gardens? Green Spaces? Stealing Clippings from someone's backyard. Oh Shit! Is it your backyard?!

Wild & Weird (General) It's late, we run into each other in the wrong part of town, and Zoe isn't faking normal quite as well as normal.

Return to Sender (General) Look, you had something she needed, but she's not really a thief and she's broken back in to return it.

We Snuck Out! (General) We both had a reason (good or bad) to be at a high society function, and decided to sneak away from the crowd.

I've Heard About You (Wolf) We run into each other at a Tur. Spirits and wolves talk, and your name has reached Zoe's ears, it's about time to put a face to it.

In Memory of....(Wolf) The Memorial Garden on Hart Island has one plot of soil with nothing planted, Zoe can frequently be found staring at it. What's it mean?!

Waking the Loci(Wolf) Somewhere in the past couple years the Hart Island loci went quiet. Let's work on waking it up, and give it a fitting resonance.


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What Others Say
  • "I look at Red the way most people look at a tiger. Or... maybe a unicorn. She's fuckin' magic and I just pray my jaw is not slack when I stare. She vibrates on a level and a dimension I cannot understand and probably never will. Some people are born to talk to Angels, Zoe is one of those people. I'll have to settle with asking her to translate from down here, in the mud." - Marcelene Chalmers

  • "I haven't known her personally for long, but immediately I can see how capable and energetic she is. The heart also looks tender and mild, but it keeps everything going with simple straight forward motions. She's not at all different." - Ruthie Romero

  • "She's a force of nature, and that's what I love about her. I love wild places, and she is the wild. My oldest friend, I'm so happy we get to run together now - may we have many years of it!" - Sakura Takahashi

  • "Pay close attention to her verbal fortune cookies." - King

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Striking Looks •• Beguiling
Trained Observer •••
Indomitable ••
Fast Reflexes •••
Killer Instinct •••
Defender ••
Closed Book ••

The Spirit & The Wolf
Embodiment of the First Born
Rite Master
Spirit Rank 4
Tribe Bone Shadow
Auspice Ithauer
Pack Relentless
MCI Murk Striders
Lodge ...

Cunning ••
Glory ••••
Honor ••
Purity •••
Wisdom •••••