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What is there to say about Zelda? First off, what sort of name is Zelda? No parent could be that cruel... or could they? But one could argue that several things about Zelda are not real. When her hair is one of her rainbow array of colors than that is very unnatural, her eyebrows always showing the natural rich brown.

Additionally, depending upon what look she chose to play toward at the time she had designer freckles visible, or her real freckles - or even none at all. Her eye color often changed due to contacts, the blue-grey shade of her own eyes being preferred but sometimes a girl wants a change, right?

One that she could not change, however, was the diminutive height. In bare feet she was probably just about five feet tall. Although one could argue that she temporarily changed her height with a variety of high heels that her scraping the clouds at a mighty five foot six inches at times. Any more than that and she would wobble like a newborn fawn.

Her dress sense was as varied as her temperaments - one day she might be embracing her cotton candy and rainbows side with fairy-esque accoutrements such as wings, or dinky little horns attached to headbands. And then other times she oozed the vintage glamor of old Hollywood - figure hugging dresses, curls like Rita Hayworth. Of course, as any young woman in these dark times, she clung to gothic couture like the deep reds were her literal lifeblood and the blacks accentuated the darkness of her soul.

Any given day, her attire could be something plain and (relatively) simple, or she might be in full on dress-up mode. With Zelda, it was a bit of a gamble as to what you're gonna get.

And oh how she liked it that way.

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RP Hooks
  • Making a name for herself on social media as a chef trying to break down the barriers of food snobbery (Fame 1)
  • I see dead people: No, literally. Zelda has been gifted with the ability to see all manner of spirits and she can sometimes seem a little vacant as she is distracted by the yammerings of the unquiet spirits.
  • The girl is a hubub or giddy, bouncing good cheer. It was definitely normal for her to be hyped up on caffeine and she was intent on finding the best coffee in the city.

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Zelda Sawyer


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AGE: 18

CONCEPT: Excitable TikTok chef



PUBLIC EFFECTS: Striking Looks: Adorable Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
Fame: Social media chef Dot-filled.png
Inspiring Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.png

Shadow Twin

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