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The Girl

Yuna loves music, kids, old flannel and fluffy sweaters. If there's one word to describe this Japanese-American woman from Philly, it's wholesome. She's generally got a mellow presence, and tends to "mom" everyone around her if given the chance. But much like any Mama Bear, you don't want to be around when this fluffy nurturer is given cause to get protective.

Yuna teaches elementary school music in Queens, and plays the piano, guitar, violin, and probably most other instruments you put in front of her. But when she's not with the kids or doing a gig, she's usually with her roomie Claude Salazar, being the sole reason his posh Manhattan penthouse is full of sweets.

Yuna is petite at five foot two, slender build, dark eyes and shoulder-length dark hair with a fringe of bangs.

Liminal Aura: As warm as her smile is, it's always cold around Yuna. The wet cold, the kind that sinks into your bones and lingers for hours after you're warm again on the surface. Is that your breath fogging up in the air?

The Geist

Yuki-Onna is alarmingly beautiful, a snow-pale vision of impossible perfection that lands her squarely in the uncanny valley. She wears a kimono and obi as white as her skin and the flurries that surround her. Her glossy, raven dark hair is as long as her ankles and is constantly whipped around her by a frigid wind that never stops. She sings a haunting lullaby in a voice that's sweet, sad and pleading.

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RP Hooks
Blues and Brews: Beer was one of humanity's first inventions for a reason. If you're looking to bond over a cold brewski, Yuna's your girl. She may not have found every brewery in the city yet, but that's just because she's new.

I Love Rock n' Roll: Yuna may be new in town, but music is a universal constant and a great ice breaker. It's not unusual to see her out in public with her guitar, strumming to pigeons or rocking open mic nights. Looking for music lessons? Want to start a band? Karaoke night? Music is everywhere, all around us.

Nihongo ga hanasemasu ka? Yuna was born in America to Japanese parents and speaks the language fluently. Need a hand gathering info in Japantown in the East Village? Just want someone to show you how to eat sushi correctly? You've got an in.

Every Day is Earth Day: The Earth needs protecting as much as the people who live on it. Yuna grew up with Captain Planet cartoons and she still lives the litany: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

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Yuna Harada
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Name: Yuna Harada

Age: 20-something?

Occupation: Elementary school music teacher

Burden: The Hungry

Archetype: Furies

Public Effects: Striking Looks 1 (Wholesome)

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Played By: Kitzilla