Ylva Theodulus

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Ylva Theodulus


The Mask
Pronouns:  She/They/It
Real Age:  28
Apparent Age:  38
Birthday:  February 21st, 1994
Height:  4ft 8in
Weight:  176lbs
Build:  Stacked
Concepts:  She Wolf Slave of God
 A Tattoo Artist
Public:  Striking Looks(Intimidate): ••
 Mantle (Autumn): •••
 Small Framed ••
 Fleet of Foot: •••
 Gentrified Bearing ••

The Mien
Seeming:  Beast
Kith:  Gristle Grinder
Court:  Autumn
Position:  None
Motley:  None
Needle:  Dynamo
Thread:  Hunger
Cult:  None

“Everything in this room is edbile,
even me. But that would be cannibalism."
Tim Burton

“You think you can frighten me with your hell, don't you.
I have been to hell and back, I have walked in those fires. Alone."



Their mask shows someone who has made success in their life, someone that has had to fight their way from the bottom rung of the ladder to their way at the top. She may be short, but she is not someone to stand against. If you stand in her way you may yourself on the floor. They seem to spend most of their time in positions that look awfully uncomfortable but seem happy for hours that way. Their hair is a brilliant blonde with the left side always kept relatively close shaved, they have a tattoo on their shave of ivy that goes all the way to their hip. Her hair is usually braided along the shave line, this draws attention to it which may or may not be the goal. They have bone tunnels in their ears though they are often hidden, what is harder to miss is their forked tongue and the fact that their face is about the only part of them not covered in tattoo's.

Their Mien is one that shows a life in Arcadia where they were not in a form anything like their mask. They have black fur covering most of their body with large canine teeth extending over their lips, Fox ears protrude from the top of their head, a swarm of tails from their lower back. Silver and purple lines move across their fur, scars? or something more. Their Eyes are each a different colour, one a deep blood red and the other a mystical swirling blue. Their mask is intimidating, but they have to try at it. This has a presence that even their mask cannot obtain. A power, a force that doesn't have anything to prove.

Their mantle is subtle, though hard to miss and even harder to ignore. It brings memories of Autumn, the sound of leaves falling, the crunch of dead leaves under your feet. It is always a little cooler around Ylva with the odd dying leaf left in their wake. The ending of something and the beginning of another. A promise.


Roleplaying Hooks:

Carve your place in this world!

Ylva is a tattoo artist and piercer, she is all for having the body you want. Before Arcadia this was the end of it, now they do a few more hardcore body mods. Their tongue has been split since she returned. Has every person left their studio with what they wanted, probably not. Has everyone left its studio. No.

Fuck me, but don't fuck with me!

Ylva is around for a good time and is willing to provide any sort of fun your after. She can give you the body you want, the night you want. Heck she is after a good time herself whatever that means to what he made her into. But don't think for one second that you can walk over her. She is here for a good time and a long time, respect that. Or you just might find out what its like to find yourself in the garbage disposal.

A Powerful Pawn

Ylva was gifted far more power than most of Xekanius's slaves. She was the pup at his side wherever he went. If any disputes happened it was Ylva that dealt with those. Be they Goblin or Changeling, he fed its hunger, its hunger grew. Now she craves it, even now she cannot get away from the hunger he gave them.

A gap in love

Ylva was gone for only a night as far as her loving wife was aware but decades? Longer? In Arcadia, she has aged about a decade in the time she was gone. But how does she reconcile that with my lover, how do they reconcile with a world it no longer feel a part of. They spent so long as the hound of Xekanius, how does it go back to being normal.



Cave fairy slut.png
Jenny Grey

Lover? She makes the hunger less intense. More manageable. Tasty in Tea.

Adelaide Lovelace.jpg
Dr. Adelaide-Maebh Lovelace

Lover? She holds that hunger back, keeps it under control. What does she taste like? She taught me how to make tea.

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