Xiomara Benoit-Toussaint

From Dark City

Xiomara Benoit-ToussaintHooks

Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.

Perhaps I am the fly.

The Skinny
Name Xiomara Benoit-Toussaint
Age Mid Twenties (90)
Career Trauma Surgeon, Medicine Woman
Height 5'0
Pack Phantasmal Posse
Properties Tribeca Penthouse
Gifted Hands Private Clinic
MCI Murk Striders
Effects Supernatural Resistance: •••
Status: Medicine •••
Striking Looks: Foreign Allure ••
Status (Crime) ••
Closed Book
Tells Waystone
Phantom Pack
RP Hooks

  • New York - Presbyterian Hospital - Going seven years strong, Xiomara is a well-respected trauma surgeon working night shifts in the Level One trauma center in Manhattan. On her rotations, patients directly in her care seem to make exceptional recoveries against all odds.
  • Gifted Hands - In certain circles spanning the criminal underground and supernaturally aware, there exists a private practice called 'The Gifted Hands' that operates discreetly within Brooklyn, NYC. Owned and run by Xiomara and her extremely skilled medical team, they are the people you call when you've been maimed by the unexplained, at death's door from the paranormal things that be, or just can't go to the public practices for other reasons -- for a steep price or favor, of course.
  • Bleeding Pacifist - A lifetime of seeing what the absolute worst humanity has had to offer has left Xiomara with little desire to inflict physical harm and pain upon others without provocation or extreme cause -- it is, after all, her life's work to prevent & mend wounds. Not cause them.
  • World-Weary Centurion - Hers is a life that spans a century, and lived in countless countries; exiled daughter of a Haitian ruler killed in a coupe de tat, child companion to Saudi Arabian royals, Italian lady of the night made wealthy wife. Now, in her latest rebirth, a moon-mad medicine woman of New York City. Still, she doesn't look a day over her early to mid-twenties.
  • Silver-Tongued - For all the terrible things one might have to say about her, there is one thing no one can deny: when she speaks, one cannot help but to listen if only for a moment. Sometimes, that is all it takes to talk down even the most hell-bent of spirits.