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Billy, is a skinny and slim young man, standing only at a svelte five-foot seven. Normally he can be seen wearing simple jeans, gray turtlenecks, and brown leather jackets, with simple work boots. On his right arm, are a number of tattoos, IDing his affiliations, and past crimes.

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RP Hooks
His Younger Siblings, Mickey And Brigh: Having orphaned himself and his younger Siblings during his First Change, William is the sole provider in the family remaining. William is now working to provide for his siblings, save money for their futures, and gain enough money for them both to go to college. Mickey, is a young and geeky twelve-year old boy, and Brigh is a snarky and business-minded fifteen-year old girl.

The O'Connell Family Spirit: While the family in the modern-day, looks like little more, than a ragtag bunch of Irish-blooded folks, once upon a time things were vastly different. The family has long been followed and associated with, a spirit of family, who feeds on their bonds, and grows strength through their strong familial bonds. It resembles a might dark-haired Irishman, with dark hair, wolf-like eyes, fangs, and claws. It often appears before William, hounding him to live up to the ancient ideals of the family, and to protect the family that remains.

His Work Within The Genovese Family: Since he was young teenager, William has found himself working for the Genovese Family, and becoming considered a member of the family, like his Uncle, and many of his ancestors, where his own parents had gotten away. In the Modern-Day, William primarily works as a driver, but has been asked to do other jobs. He has focused in transportation, getaways, drug-running, and cleaning, but has also been ordered to handle executions before.

His Work At O'Doole's Autoshop: During the day, William works at O'Doole's autoshop, under Nolan O'Doole, another member of the Genovese Family. While Nolan is not as high-up in the family, or famed for his skills, at the shop he is above William, and normally helps by providing William with different cars to use for jobs. When conducting legal-work, they get on fantastically. Nolan, and old, yet skilled mechanic, and William a skilled prodigy, who is attentive and focused on his work.

The O'Connell Family History: While in the modern-day, the O'Connells, are not known for producing Uratha or Wolf-Blooded, once upon a time, they were famed in Ancient Ireland, as a family of occultists, Uratha, and Wolf-Blooded, who worked to protect and keep the land free of spirits from the other world. As time goes by and William learns of his family history, it will serve to pull him further and further into the world of the Uratha, and likely pulling his siblings in as well.

NPC Ties: Nolan O'Doole (His Day-Boss), Lucas Soto (His Night Boss), Mickey O'Connell (His Little Brother), Brigh O'Connell (His Younger Sister), O'Connell Family Spirit (An Ancient Spirit Following The Family), Khaled Ghulam (His Uratha Mentor), Kathryn Sanders (A Friendly Ear),

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William O'Connell
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AGE: 25

CONCEPT: Honorable Criminal



  • Status: Genovense Family Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png


TRIBE: Storm Lords

DEEDNAME: Stalks Openly

SPIRIT RANK: Dot-filled.png

PACK: None

LODGE: Lodge of Suffering


  • Cunning Dot-filled.png
  • Glory
  • Honor Dot-filled.png
  • Purity Dot-filled.png
  • Wisdom

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Played By: User:PunkManiak