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RP Hooks
  • Blood Science

While a student of all the sciences, William is a biologist first and foremost and completely obsessed with Vitae, he's constantly running experiments that mix sorcery with science where Vitae is concerned, seeking to understand the crucible that Vampires put blood through to turn it into the magically infused Vitae

  • Thralls'

William has thralls, many of them, they're the club kids and recovering addicts that he keeps around to inform him on what they see, keep him fed and basically serve his needs. He's got quite an interest in recruiting useful Thralls and Ghouls when he feels he can find them as well.

  • Sorcery

While a man of science, William has joined a world where magic has been shown to exist, even if only as an undiscovered field of science, as such he's deeply involved in learning more on the subject, there's no limit to how deep and dark he's willing to go for a more solid understanding of Sorcery and how he can use it.

  • Ordo Dracul

William is something of a strange entity within the Ordo, he's been with them a long time, he's worked hard in his research and made progress. Yet he hasn't done much to advance within their ranks, some blame problems with previous superiors, others claim he's just incompetent, whatever the reason it's a curiosity and one made even more mysterious because of the aptitude of his research.

  • Allure Stanten Island

William has invested time and money into cultivating the Staten Island club Allure into his feeding ground, income and cover for his Haven, which he has set up beneath the club.

  • Groom

William has taken on the task of keeping lists of skilled mortals in various areas that he can arrange to be made into Ghouls for the Cities Kindred for a reasonable price.

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William Clarke

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Name: William Clarke
Court Position:
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Ordo Dracul

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Played By: Sarok