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"We are the wolves of heaven, and in our presence, only the faithful do not tremble."-The Testament of Longinus

Wilhelm Kramer is Texas born and raised and walks with a confident swagger even in New York city born of someone who knows he's from the best got damned State there is. Never the less he's in New York and making the best of it (It ain't no Dallas or Houston, that's for sure). A bit of a good old boy, he has an interest in fitness in general.

Amongst the vampires of New York, he is one of the rare Lancea et Sanctum let into the city. A crusader who has a strong sense of duty, he seems to seek to prove that the Lancea et Sanctum have a place in New York as much as the other covenants. While not a proper priest as of yet, he does his best to spread the word of Longinus to those who might be receptive and wishes to rebuild the ties between the Lance and Invictus that have long existed. He does seem to support the city as much as he supports his ties to the Lancea et Sanctum, serving as a Hound and working to make sure that the city is kept safe from its threats.

With short, brown hair and a chiseled jaw, he looks every ounce the texan that he is with strong Germanic features. He has cool hazel eyes and a near constant five o'clock shadow that just adds to the general sense of cowboyness. He is often seen wearing a western style hat, boots and jeans.

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RP Hooks
Do You Even Lift? A fitness buff, if you need someone to spot you, or give you pointers, or just be a work out buddy, Wilhelm is the man for you. He's always ready to hit the gym and work out.

Church Groups Night Church Groups and midnight masses are things that Wilhelm often attends for one reason or another. He sometimes gets quite involved, such as leading a church group of his own, or lingers on the fringes, simply being a part of them.

True Believer For the Kindred, Wilhelm is a true believer in the Testament of Longinus and is more than happy to talk about it with other kindred who are interested in learning more about the faith.

In Defense of the City Wilhelm is here to defend the city against the threats poised to take down the vampires within it. Whatever form they may be, he's ready to meet it with fire and steel.

Texan Born Wilhelm is Texan born and raised and more than happy to share that bit of information with anyone who will listen. Are you also not a New Yorker? Want to talk about your home? Are you a New Yorker and want to hear your fair city be compared to Dallas, the shining jewel of Texas? He's the man for you.

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Wilhelm Kramer
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AGE (Apparent): 25
HEIGHT: 6'3"
Status (City) 2
Status (Lancea et Sanctum) 1
Accent: Texan

COVENANT: The Lancea et Sanctum
CLAN: Ventrue

Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6jV004GF1ZNGRhH8PmD9LP?si=27e236ea29c0464c

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