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WerewolfSphere RP Hooks

Please list below any RP hooks that you might have for new players, so these can be found in one centralized location that is easy for new people to find. Please update this list as things change.

Auto Mechanics & Repair



Combat & Combat Training

  • Yasmine Ferreira is an ex-MMA fighter that is always willing to help train anybody looking to learn the basics of fighting. She tends to lean more towards teaching human fighting styles but doesn't turn down requests for wolf forms.
  • Lex is about as good at dishing out punches as Wolf-Blooded can be. She will reliably put herself in the line of fire to do her part for The People
    • Lex is likewise happy to help train people. Her own particular style seems to be unleashing her inner rage.
    • Lex is looking to become better at fighting Uratha, given the current crisis.




High Adventure





Military and Paramilitary

  • Zoe St. Clair spent a decade as a Special Operations Night Stalker Helicopter Pilot. She doesn't talk about it often, but every so often a hit of the trash polka tattoo on her right arm peeks out showing depictions of war, helicopters, wolves and of course spirits.


  • Marcelene Chalmers used to record under the nom de guerre The After Party. She was signed, with Big Apple Records, but she never made good on her deal save for a Single and an EP. She spends her musical talent in dive-bars and busking now, the big time Recording Industry scene withering her until she quit in November 2021 to return to small scale things with poor pay.


Parks and Outdoors

  • Marcelene Chalmers has had her share of trips Upstate, into the Adirondacks, during the Autumnal bow hunting season. A practised hunter with the bow, Marcy's always been open to collaborate her excursions, especially with the People and those itching to learn how to shoot a bow.



  • Sierra Roen is part of the Lodge of the Endless Horizon, a New Moon lodge of world-walking apex predators who hunt extraterritorial threats that local packs aren't equipped to deal with. She's been to scores of countries and can supposedly speak just about any language.