From Dark City
Event Date Summary
Black Thursday 1929-10-24 The first day of the stock market crash of 1929 that tanked the index by 90%, kicking off the Great Depression and all but erasing the Splendor Court that had dominated the Hisil throughout the Roaring Twenties.
The Great Reclamation 1985-05-20 The Pure began executing a carefully laid plan to swarm the Forsaken out of New York and drive them back.
September 11 2001-09-11 A Wound was created in the Financial District by a terrorist attack.
Day of Defiance 2006-10-06 Five packs united to resurrect the Empire Protectorate and strike back at the Anshega to drive them from primacy in New York.
Preparing for War 2021-12-24 One of the Urdaga infiltrates Sing Sing and recovers samples of the Bloodstone Pathogen, confirmed by Kathryn Sanders. Equipment requisitions for the Battle of Sing Sing begin.
The Mole 2021-12-28 Razvan Costea is murdered at Last Rites by Sierra Roen and the Silver Valkyrja, who accuse him of being Asah Gadar and of poisoning the Urdaga and Anshega with colloidal silver at the moot.
The Fires in Ossining 2021-12-31 - Estrella Velázquez, Apollon Lykaios, Marcelene Chalmers, and Maddie Wesson set the countryside of Briarcliff Manor, opposite Ossining, aflame as a distraction.

- Simon Hill makes the fire look like an out of control trash burn.

- Sean Sullivan hires several cars and uses his civil allies to create traffic snarls on the highways.

- Several loci tainted by the Asah Gadar are defiled by way of destroying their focal object.
The Night Before the Battle 2022-01-03 - Simon Hill infiltrates Sing Sing with the uniform and keycard that Raymond Massey acquired from the Scaraborough safe house and correctly places the remote networking device that will be used to hack the security systems. - The Vanguard team lies in wait in the Sing Sing Kill Gorge.
Perihelion 2022-01-04 The Urdaga and Anshega battle the Asah Gadar at Sing Sing and in the streets of New York.
The Aftermath 2022-01-05 - By daybreak, the Claimed Helions outside Penumbra Hall move elsewhere in the city. People are able to come and go from the Hall again, but with extreme caution. - Lex Delune and Yasmine Ferreira are both discharged from surgery by Dr. Kathryn Sanders.
End of the Battle in Ossining 2022-01-06 The last of the Anshega warriors leave the area of Ossining. The battle over and the terms of the compact met, they withdraw back into their own numbers, now with footholds in the city.
The Herd Responds 2022-01-07 In Albany, a task force is announced to investigate a riot at Sing Sing that led to the deaths of at least 24 people, including 19 prisoners and 5 guards, plus nearly as many escapes.
Counting the Dead 2022-01-08 A complete list of the Urdaga dead is circulated among the People.
The Return 2022-01-20 Fenton Haywood, Raymond Massey, and Sierra Roen reappear in NYC under unclear circumstances, and confirm the death of Veronica Zaruto.

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