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The Hunters in Darkness

 What are you hunting? The Meninna are ever on the Hunt, if not for the Shartha and other threats, then for something. The Hunters in Darkness take Hikaon-Ur, the Black Wolf, as their patron, who was well regarded as the finest and most silent hunter among the Firstborn.

This region is dotted with handy shadows, and it's often said that if a Hunter in Darkness doesn't want you to find them in New York City, you very well never may.

Suggested Concepts: Cahalith Ghost Writer, Elodoth Deputy, Irraka Thief, Ithaeur Fortune Teller, Rahu Vagabond

The Hunters in Darkness Territory

The Devil's Playground

  • The front is all boarded up with cheap plywood, and mortal eyes slip right past it. But a Hunter in Darkness knows the boltholes and the loose panels, and up the many staircases and a hatch that leads to the roof, there's a rooftop terrace with ample coverage enough that those on the rooftop can see out, but those outside it cannot see in. It is spartan, but by no means neglected, and how many different ways one has mad their way up to the rooftop is the source of some proud boasting and playful ribbing between Hunters. And while "The Devil's Playground" is a reference to the meeting spot itself, it also refers to the skyline of rooftops themselves, where Hunters play. It is often from here that many of the Hunters in Darkness will begin their hunts, sprinting across rooftops and prowling from the high shadows. There aren't any hard and fast rules about other Tribes not being allowed there, but act out and they'll know.
  • Boon: +1 to Stealth rolls.
Hunters in Darkness Members
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