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Among the People of the Protectorate of New York, there are some informal titles that are traditionally accorded once someone has demonstrated that they have the experience, acclaim, skill, and renown to merit them. It should be emphasized that these titles are strictly informal; they don’t command any benefits and it’s up to each individual whether or not to respect them, use them, or pay them any mind at all. Most of them are inherited titles from eons past, but they still have symbolic meaning to the whole or to individual tribes.

  • Ritemaster - Uralal Luhal (all Tribes of the Moon + Ghost Wolves + Wolf-Blooded) - Can be multiple.
    • 5 Rites, at least one of which must be 3 dots.
    • Occult 4
    • A specialty related to rites
    • A link to a log or downtime action ticket with an exceptional success on a rite roll.
    • A link to a log of having taught someone else how to perform a rite. Can be NPC with Storyteller approval in advance.
    • IC conduct that befits a ritemaster.
    • Wisdom 2, or for Wolf-Blooded, acts of Wisdom that would have justified Wisdom 1 and 2 Renown.
    • Current Uralal Luhal:

  • Den Mother - Garama (all Tribes of the Moon) - Usually only one.
    • Spirit Rank 3
    • Empathy 5
    • A specialty related to soothing, calming, inspiring, or instructing.
    • A link to a log or downtime action ticket with an exceptional success on an Empathy roll with someone for whom the character plays a support or paternalistic role.
    • A link to a log or downtime action ticket in which the character counseled someone else in the ways of navigating the Protectorate. Can be an NPC with Storyteller approval.
    • Reasonable IC conduct.
    • Three (3) of the following: Inspiring, Peacemaker, Sympathetic, Empath
    • Honor 3.
    • Any Gift of Pack facet.
      • Recommended: Forge Alliance rite.
    • Current Garama:

Important Note: These should be considered OOC requirements unless otherwise stated! You wouldn’t ICly say “only one more rite until I’m a ritemaster” because ICly, that’s not how it’s measured.