RP Hooks

From Dark City

Where Are You From?

Where have your characters worked and lived? List them here to link up backgrounds!

  • Someone: Somewhere, ??? (When Someone Lived Somewhere)

Werewolf Mentor List

Rite Teachers

  • Someone Who Can Teach A Rite: The Rite(s) They Can Teach

Looking For Rite Teacher

  • Someone Who Wants to Learn a Rite: The Rite they Wish to Learn.

Mentors for Skills, Merits, etc.

Solely an RP mechanic; if your character is willing to teach Light Weapons or has the skills to create an Alternate Identity, list it below.

  • Someone with a Skill: The Skill.

Werewolf Plots

Werewolf Plots

Current & Upcoming Plots

Past Plots

Looking for Pack

Packs Recruiting

Pack: This is for existing packs who are currently recruiting (ie, you already have a pack sheet). What are you looking for?

  • Recruiting pack.
  • Recruiting pack.

Looking For a Pack

Unpacked Uratha and Wolf-Blooded are encouraged to leave their names here if they're in search of a pack of their own.