Lodge Template

From Dark City

Lodge Name

Background, history, story. Where did this Lodge come from, what is their purpose? Are they primarily members of a single Tribe? Who's the founder? What is their place in Uratha society, and how do they interact with other members of the People?


Is there an Auspice or Tribe requirement? Are there Trait requirements?


What Totem is linked with this Lodge, and what is that connection?

Lodge Bonds

Blessing: What is the Lodge's Blessing?

Aspiration: What is the Lodge's Aspiration?

Ban: What is the Lodge's Ban?

The Sacred Hunt

What is the Lodge's Sacred Hunt benefit? (Remember that Sacred Hunt benefits do not stack. You may choose either your Tribe or your Lodge benefit upon activating it with the Rite.)

Lodge Tools

You may choose three (3) from Lodge Armory, Lodge Connections, Lodge Lorehouse, Lodge Sorcery, and Lodge Stronghold as outlined in The Pack p. 81.

  • For Lodge Armory, the 5-dot selection of three (3) Fetishes must be identified in advance, and apply to the whole Lodge.
    • Please note, wolfblooded wishing to benefit from the 5-dot version of Lodge Armory must pay an additional dot, for a total of 6 dots to access the lodge's fetishes.
  • For Lodge Connections and Lodge Lorehouse, the selection of relevant merits or topics happens upon the purchase of that dot and can be unique from character to character (though all should be thematically consistent with the Lodge).
  • For Lodge Sorcery, choose three (3) Influences that apply to the whole Lodge. When taking the three-dot merit, the Lodge member gains access to one of them, and at the five-dot level, they can access two.

Use the template to outline the Lodge in your UserTalk: page, and submit the Custom ticket containing the link to the Werewolf queue. And then be patient! Once the Lodge is approved, it will be added to the official Approved Lodge listing.