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To use a custom Blood and/or Bone not listed here or in the book, submit a ticket to Werewolf that includes how, specifically, your character regenerates Willpower.


  • Beta -- The Beta wolf desires order. When the pack works like a well-oiled machine nothing can stand in its way. For that to happen, every single member of the pack must be operating at their best. The Beta feels their position in the pack is to make this happen. For them, the Pack comes first, before anything. Even themselves.
    • Your character recovers a point of Willpower when she makes sure a packmate can perform at the top of their game while disregarding her personal interests.
    • Your character replenishes all spent Willpower when she puts herself in mortal danger or fall to Kuruth for the sake of her pack.
  • Hound -- The Hound must know, they are always looking for the scent, the answer, the hint that'll let them find a weak spot. Entering a hunt is an occasion to learn, to be curious, for them. That the goal of the hunt differs from that is a constant annoyance to them.
    • Regain one Willpower when learning something new and unrelated to the quarry while on the hunt.
    • Regain all Willpower when you put yourself or others in mortal danger in the name of acquiring new knowledge.
  • Mother Bear -- A Mother Bear nurtures in her own way, and focuses on the needs of those under her care. Woe to those who endanger those she has taken under her protection.
    • Regain one Willpower when putting someone's needs before your own leads to personal difficulty.
    • Regain all Willpower when you put yourself in grave danger, suffering aggravated damage, to protect your chosen family.
  • Relentless -- For you, when the Hunt begins, that’s all that there is. You will not rest until the prey is brought low, until your claws find their mark and the taste of your prey fills your jaws.
    • Regain a point of Willpower when your character disregards his health or safety in favor of continuing the hunt.
    • Regain all Willpower when he disregards the health or safety of others as he enters the final stage of the Hunt.
  • Undaunted -- The Undaunted snarls at death. The temerity of a looming threat provokes her bestial nature and compels them to meet force with equal or greater force.
    • Regain one Willpower when defying a dangerous threat.
    • Regain all Willpower when you use Kuruth to be the first to attack such a threat.


  • Confidant - You’re a good listener, and you don’t gossip. Your friends and family are the most important thing in your life, and you want them to be well.
    • Regain a point of willpower when he talks with a packmate or other loved one about a difficulty that they’re having.
    • Regain all Willpower when he helps a loved one overcome a difficulty instead of pursuing the Hunt.
  • Prankster -- You're a jokester; for you, humor the Swiss Army Knife of social interaction. If you can't make something fun or funny, then it's probably not that interesting in the first place. Of course, not everyone's sense of humor is... healthy.
    • Your character regains a point of Willpower when she successfully uses humor to deflect an uncomfortable truth or situation.
    • She regains all her Willpower whenever a prank or joke helps her or others bond with someone in some way, but distracts from or delays the Hunt.
  • Puppeteer -- The Puppeteer can't help but want to watch the marionettes dance. She nudges, coaxes, cajoles, charms, reasons, or intimidates, all to the eventual end of getting someone else to do her bidding, which is often the proverbial dirty work.
    • Regain one Willpower when you manipulate someone in your favor.
    • Regain all Willpower when you compel someone to act against their interests in a manner that could come back around to jeopardize you.
  • Sleuth -- Curiosity drives the Sleuth and anything that draws her attention warrants some kind of questions, investigation or at the very least observation.
    • Regain one Willpower when your curiosity brings others into a problem or situation.
    • Regain al Willpower when avoiding the hunt in favor of gathering more information and knowledge on the situation.