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Please list below any RP hooks that you might have for new players, so these can be found in one centralized location that is easy for new people to find. Please update this list as things change.

Auto Mechanics & Repair

  • CR Automotives (Classic Repairs) is a small garage in Manhattan that specializes in repairing and restoring classic cars, but they'll take any job, more or less. Jet is one of the mechanics there, she's wicked talented, often has a bad attitude and works off the books.


  • Gage Delaney is a senior architect at Sombra Architecture Firm and moves in art & real estate circles (the latter rather begrudgingly).


  • Salim Qadir is said to have a private library full of folklore topics that they reference for the People.


Combat & Combat Training

  • Yasmine Ferreira is an ex-MMA fighter that is always willing to help train anybody looking to learn the basics of fighting. She tends to lean more towards teaching human fighting styles but doesn't turn down requests for wolf forms.
  • Emilia Belmonte is a local boxer who has recently taken to coaching others. If you need to work on Hishu combat or are just looking for a chill sparring partner, talk to her.
  • Annemieke Maatgerrit is an expert Archer and is more than willing to help any learn to fight or hunt with bows. She is a ranged asset to any hunt on this side or the other.
  • The Twins Fenton Haywood and Sierra Roen are well-known for their destructive firepower and are experts in complementary pack tactics. Fenton is strong; Sierra is fast.


  • It's not widely known but Jet did some pretty shady shit before getting her job. On occasion, she'll dip back in. She's an ace driver so if you need a getaway, find a way to get in touch.
  • Need to get your paws on something by less than strictly legal means? Kit has a reputation as a thief, and a way of getting into places he shouldn't...


  • The Bone Shadow Sierra Roen is known to keep a wide and strange collection of occult tomes and oddities, including the body parts of multiple supernatural creatures. She can make magical items and produce the needed materials for virtually any Bane, as well as lift curses and provide a variety of different types of blessings. She doesn't do favors for free, so bring something cool to trade.



  • Officer Diana Hultz of the NYPD has recently been assigned to the Central Park Precinct (#22). She's often seen patrolling the park during weekdays. She is noted for being a skilled de-escalator who has defused tense situations.
  • Sam Garguilo runs a law practice in Queens that caters to both mortal clientele and the People. If you're an Uratha or Wolf Blooded with a legal problem, he's available day or night at very reasonable rates.
  • Annemieke Maatgerrit runs Maatgerrit law out of Brooklyn. She caters primarily in regards to family law, specializing in domestic violence and extracting the victims. But if one of the People need her help she is available. I wont say her rates are reasonable but she is available. Day or night gimmie a call.
  • Sean Sullivan is a bar certified Lawyer, though he doesn't currently practice. A former Assistant District Attorney for Manhattan, he now is the Deputy Commissioner of the New York City Department of Investigations. He was known in his day to moonlight as a public defender and has a reputation of looking out for the little guy.
  • Sierra Roen is a fugitive recovery agent; when people skip bail, she drags them back to the police.


  • Maddie Wesson is a licensed therapist and works as a counselor for troubled youth, primarily in schools. Apparently, she is pretty good at listening to your problems if you need it. She's pretty good at first aid too.
  • Jet is not a licensed therapist, but she knows a thing or two about psychiatric medications from her upbringing and self-medicating. They will give out a bottle meds for free to a pup in need but you'd need to visit her Shed for that.
  • Emilia Belmonte is working her way through a sports medicine degree. She's not the best at it but can help a little bit.

Military and Paramilitary

  • Zoe St. Clair spent a decade as a Special Operations Night Stalker Helicopter Pilot. She doesn't talk about it often, but every so often a hit of the trash polka tattoo on her right arm peeks out showing depictions of war, helicopters, wolves and of course spirits.


  • Annemieke Maatgerrit Used to play for Rusted Rock before they broke up about 3 years ago. She plays the metal Violin and is one of the few known players of it. She isn't famous but some might know her name in the right circles. She would love to have a music night with the people, really mess with their thoughts on Violin players.
  • Jet has a nu-shoegaze/grunge outfit called Luminus Jaw, it has like a handful of fans (status 1) but she's currently the only member and is looking out for people who would be keen to make some noise. She's played at the Last Rites and a few other joints. She dubs and sells her own custom cassette tapes for fun...has no computer, so no bandcamp. She is also a skilled techie and engineer so if someone wants help repairing gear or producing a recording, she can help. (or some bright spark could help with the bandcamp thing. she doesn't even know what that is)
  • Gage Delaney is a drummer, having served dishonorably in a few low-brow, disreputable punk and metal bands, one of which almost had some success.


  • Salim Qadir is an amateur free runner looking for running buddies.
  • Annemieke Maatgerrit has been running her whole life one way or another. That led her to free running. She has been doing it for quite a while, even considered competing but never took the plunge. She is always on the lookout for more running buddies, if they can keep up.
  • Kit is a flashy show-off and is always trying to tempt the People into some daredevil run (usually up a vertical surface) with him...

Parks and Outdoors

  • Sierra Roen has a Ban to walk a kilometer every day, and does most of it outside. She can turn up anywhere in the city.
  • Tajj Al-Rahim is often found outdoors, wandering less populated areas and parks. Usually tracking down a stray animal or foraging.
  • Maddie Wesson is an avid hiker, jogger and camper and loves to escape the city to greener spaces every chance she gets. She also runs a lot of programs for troubled youth, often involving outdoor activities. Maddie is quite keen for a friendly game of baseball, too. Want to be daring? Maddie is more than happy to oblige with extreme activities that push your limits.
  • Gage Delaney was raised by New Mexico survivalists. The urban desert has nothing on the real thing.


  • Salim Qadir has been a folklore professor at NYU since Fall 2020. Perhaps you've taken a class.
  • Emilia Belmonte is a freshman at CUNY taking classes for sports medicine. You might have seen her on campus.
  • Maddie Wesson studied at Columbia and graduated many years ago.

Well-Traveled / Abroad / Wanderlust

  • Sierra Roen has spent time in dozens of different countries and can supposedly speak any human language.


Blood Talons

Bone Shadows

Hunters in Darkness

Iron Masters

Storm Lords

Ghost Wolves


The Dead


Ivory Claws

Predator Kings

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