Lodge of the Lone Wolf

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Lodge of the Lone Wolf

The name Lone Wolf is a bit of a misnomer for this lodge, they are lone wolves in that they don’t join packs but despite this they are surprisingly social and work hard to maintain good relationships with other werewolf packs.

The lodge itself has a bit of a history, it was founded by a lone Blood Talon after the loss of his pack to the Pure, haunted by the loss he searched to join his pack by dying gloriously in battle, this drew the attention of Usu-Ur as the blood talon striked out against his enemies with reckless fury and ferocity only to survive the encounter, not completely victorious but successfully wounding the Pure alpha. Usu-Ur impressed by the Blood Talon ferocity approached the grieving wolf and offered a deal, it said that it noticed a weakness on the Pure pack besides the wound that he inflicted on the alpha, he would reveal it and teach him how to exploit it and should he win he would offer his patronage and a task. The Blood Talon, feeling destiny calling, agreed to the challenge and armed with the knowledge offered by the spirit set out to strike against the Pure again, this time coming out victorious and so the lodge was born, then the patron spirit revealed the task, “A wolf greatest strength has always been his pack, but we are lone, our pack dead or gone, take what I have teached you and share it with others, so that your tragedy doesn’t repeat itself”.

While the lodge was initially born from the Blood Talons other tribal wolves can be counted amongst its ranks as well, even some ghost wolves, their hunting style and sacred hunt easily applicable to different prey, the lodge attract those that have find themselves packless, either by tragedy or by circumstance, still the lodge started as a Blood Talon lodge so there is an expectancy for martial prowess, furthermore their demanding lifestyle requires them to hone skills that will improve their survival chances, for while others outside the lodge will have their packs for back up, the lone wolves more often than not face their quarry alone.


Brawl, Survival, Expression or Persuasion at 3 or above and not belong to a pack.


Usu-Ur is a weird spirit for a wolf spirit, its name means Alone or Lone Wolf and as the name implies it is a lone wolf spirit, he values personal strength in its adherents but also demands that they respect the pack bonds that other werewolves show, should a werewolf join a pack and formalize the union with a pack totem, Usu-Ur lets the wolf go and removes its blessing.

Lodge Bonds

Blessing: In social rolls that involve maintaining good relationships with other werewolves, the Lone Wolf enjoys the benefits from exceptional success with only three successes instead of five.

Aspiration: Face off against a superior force and win

Ban: Must never be part of a pack.

The Sacred Hunt

During the sacred hunt Lone Wolves excel at picking up weaknesses and exploiting them as much as they can, in rolls to ferret out a weakness in their prey the werewolf enjoys exceptional successes with only 3 successes instead of five, they also enjoy a bonus equal to their auspice renown when exploiting said weakness.

Example: A condition like Madness penalizes Mental and Social rolls, so the werewolf under this sacred hunt benefit enjoys a bonus equal to his renown in Mental and Social rolls against the prey, this bonus doesn’t stack with each condition, so if the prey has Madness and Guilty that doesn’t mean that they get twice the bonus on Social rolls.

Lodge Tools

  • Lodge Network (Local Packs, Drifters and Packless Wolves)
  • Lodge Sorcery (Battle, Rage and Hunting)
  • Lodge Armory

Agony Fang (•••)

Description: This nasty fetish comes in a variety of forms, but it usually is made from a stabbing weapon or a thrown one, throwing darts or long needles are common as they are harder to pull out after they have been activated.
Effect: Spend 1 essence. After a successful attack, the weapon burrows deeper and inflicts the agony tilt, worse the target can’t begin to end the tilt until he has taken out the dart which requires a successful Dexterity + Medicine roll to do without causing further damage or take two extra lethal damage as they rip it out with an instant action.
Action: Reflexive
Duration: Until removed

Thunderclap Hammer (•••)

Description: This as the name suggest is usually a hammer, but some have been fashioned out of a cestus or in modern days tactical gloves
Effect: Spend 1 essence to activate and make a normal attack roll on a successful hit the weapon unleashes a shockwave that causes anyone within melee range to suffer the stunned tilt unless they perform a dodging action to brace against the shockwave.
Action: Reflexive
Duration: 1Turn

Maddening Dart (•••)

Description: Usually a thrown weapon, but some have been made out of firearms and in some rare cases melee weapons, werewolves within the lodge use along them with their totem influences to devastating effect.
Effect: This weapon is activated after a successful attack which inflicts the Berserker condition on the target.
Duration: Scene