Lodge of the Iron Vigil

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Lodge of the Iron Vigil


As a wolf pack watches over and guards its territory, honoring it in all things, the Iron Master also adapts to keep watch with Technology in ways that they never could before. Cameras, microphones, data collection are the new tools for these Uratha, protecting the herd and themselves. These wolves often high in Wisdom and Cunning provide important information that can not always be sourced via natural patrol or spiritual assistance.


Iron Master, Computers 2 or Crafts 2 (Technology)



A powerful Anzah-Haz a spirit of surveillance cameras, serving as lookout and watchdog.

Lodge Bonds

Blessing: Get exceptional results on three successes instead of five on Computers and Crafts (Technology) rolls.

Aspiration: To protect the herd and People via technology with surveillance and security.

Ban: Information stored must be in duplicate.

The Sacred Hunt

When tracking prey, if the character touches an object which records video, audio, pictures, or data, and spends an essence he gains all that they've captured in perfect memory for the previous day as if he witnessed it himself with Eidetic Memory. For each additional Essence spent in this fashion, he gains another day of captured information.

Lodge Tools

  • Lodge Connections (Allies “The Network”)
  • Lodge Lorehouse (“The Database”)
  • Lodge Sorcery (Technology, Information, Surveillance)