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This is not an exhaustive list of Forsaken-relevant locations, but these are certainly some of the most trafficked. Also, please refer to the Hisil locations as well.

Law of Tur

The rules standard to every Tur in the city are as defined below and apply to every Forsaken, Wolf-Blooded, or mortal packmates.

  • Violence is prohibited.
  • Violation of the Oath or the laws of Tur are met with swift and indiscriminate retribution.

Bow Bridge

The Bow Bridge is a cast iron bridge located in Central Park, New York City, crossing over the Lake and used as a pedestrian walkway. It's decorated with an interlocking circles banister, with eight planting urns on top of decorative bas-relief panels, and it also happens to be a Tur location for the Uratha of New York City. Common Ghost Wolf meeting spot.

Death & Company

Owned and operated by the People, the middle-of-the-road bar and lounge Death and Company will occasionally have a "Sorry, We're Closed for a Private Event" sign hanging on the door, and there's a back room that admits only the People. It has one of the most extensive raw meat menus in Brooklyn, which has attracted some niche foodie interests, and it's on several popular "must visit" lists for casual dining and potent cocktails.

Wave Hill

Wave Hill is famous public garden in the northwest Bronx along the Hudson River, with flower gardens, alpine house, greenhouses, and cultural center. This is a Tur location for the Uratha of New York City.

Hart Island

This Tur is located in Mahopac, Ny, Petra Island, frequently referenced as 'Hart Island' among the people, is an 11 acre island featuring a main house, 2 guest houses, a tea house, boat dock, pool, and helipad. Accessible only by boat or helicopter, the property has been in the St. Clair family since the 50's.

While it has always been a retreat to local wolves with permission from the St. Clair family, about a decade ago patriarch Johnathan St. Clair made it an open invite taking one of the guest house for himself, and leaving the main house and other guest house for the use of the people. With his death at the beginning of the year, the property has been inherited by his granddaughter Zoe St. Clair and recently been reopened to the people.

Tribe Territories

The Tribes each maintain their own designated areas that, while not off-limits to others in the strictest sense, are best entered only with an escort of the respective Tribe. This is not an exhaustive list.

Blood Talons

Red Hook Grain Terminal

  • The Red Hook Grain Terminal in Brooklyn was envisioned as a key part of Brooklyn’s waterfront, but just three years after its construction critics wrote it off as “an expensive luxury.” Underutilized until it closed in 1965, the space now sits rotting at the mouth of the Gowanus Canal. The building is made up of a series of dilapidated 120-foot-tall silos, massive grain elevators and other infrastructure that create an urban explorer fantasy. The Blood Talons use the Grain Terminal as a meeting place, to settle scores, and to "spar" with one another.
  • Boon: +1 to Brawl rolls.

Bone Shadows

Penumbra Hall

  • There is no material path to the underground Penumbra Hall but through solid concrete and steel. The only other way to get there is to travel through the Hisil, and out again through the Hall's Loci. Underground and cavernous, the Penumbra Hall is half mystical enclave and half library, and from chambers in the back, the echo of howled rite songs can be heard. Other Tribe members are permitted here provided they have been introduced at the Hall by another Bone Shadow, and bring no ill will, and disrupt no proceedings.
  • Ryan Troha has a fetish that will allow Blooded to enter the Hall.
  • Boon: +1 to Academics and +2 to Occult rolls.

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Hunters in Darkness

The Devil's Playground

  • The front is all boarded up with cheap plywood, and mortal eyes slip right past it. But a Hunter in Darkness knows the boltholes and the loose panels, and up the many staircases and a hatch that leads to the roof, there's a rooftop terrace with ample coverage enough that those on the rooftop can see out, but those outside it cannot see in. It is spartan, but by no means neglected, and how many different ways one has mad their way up to the rooftop is the source of some proud boasting and playful ribbing between Hunters. And while "The Devil's Playground" is a reference to the meeting spot itself, it also refers to the skyline of rooftops themselves, where Hunters play. It is often from here that many of the Hunters in Darkness will begin their hunts, sprinting across rooftops and prowling from the high shadows. There aren't any hard and fast rules about other Tribes not being allowed there, but act out and they'll know.
  • Boon: +1 to Stealth rolls.

Iron Masters

Track 61

  • The infamous Track 61 is supposedly still in use as a secret escape train for presidents visiting the city. Built along with the rest of Grand Central Terminal, Track 61 was never properly abandoned, as it was actually constructed to be a powerhouse and storage area for unused New York Central Railroad cars, not a passenger station. As such, it's not much to look at, but Track 61 continues to be the go-to clandestine conduit for presidents, world leaders, military generals, and even some celebrities, if rumors are to be believed.
  • Boon: +1 to Streetwise rolls.

Storm Lords

City Hall Station

  • The first New York City subway was built and operated by the Interborough Rapid Transit Company (IRT) and opened on October 27, 1904, to the joy of New York elevated train and streetcar riders. The City Hall station on the IRT local track was lavished with fine architectural details, including glass tiles and large chandeliers. However, the Gustavino vaulted ceilings and skylights were lost on busy commuters, and the stop was one of the least-used in the system. It's been closed to the public for decades, and the Storm Lords have taken it for their own purposes, meeting there under the shroud of secrecy.
  • Boon: +1 to Socialize rolls.


  • An alley behind Lucky Cat Garden in Chinatown.
  • The backroom at an internet lounge in Queens.
  • Janitorial closet at a subway station on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.
  • A shack at a private marina in Great Kills.
  • Loft apartment above Lash Forever Eyelash Extensions in Turtle Bay.
  • Permanently close Arby's in Allerton.
  • Manager's office at Planet Fitness in Longwood.
  • Tool shed at Silver Lake Cemetery.
  • A veterinary office in Hunts Points. (Contains a medical suite)

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