From Dark City

The Oath of the Moon

  • Urum Da Takus -- The Wolf Must Hunt
  • Imru Nu Fir Imru -- The People Do Not Murder the People
  • Sih Sehe Mak; Mak Ne Sih -- The Low Honor The High; The High Respect The Low
  • Ni Daha -- Respect Your Prey
  • Nu Hu Uzuz Eren -- Do Not Eat The Flesh Of Man Or Wolf
  • Nu Bath Githul -- The Herd Must Not Know
  • Uratha Safal Thil Lu’u -- The Uratha Shall Cleave To The Human

The Tribal Oaths

  • Blood Talons: Nu Sum Ghumur Nu Su Ghid -- Offer No Surrender You Would Not Accept
  • Bone Shadows: Su A Sar-hith Sa -- Pay Each Spirit in Kind
  • Hunters in Darkness: Nu Mus Halhala -- Let No Sacred Place in Your Territory Be Violated
  • Iron Masters: Kul Kisura Udmeda -- Honor Your Territory in All Things
  • Storm Lords: Ni Si Gid Mantar -- Allow No One to Witness or Tend Your Weakness


Blood Talons


 To the last. The most martial and militaristic of the Tribes of the Moon, the Blood Talons' patron is Fenris-Ur, the Destroyer. They crave battle, although every battle might not be a physical test, and their steadfast viciousness rarely abates no matter what the challenge, but it would be a mistake to dismiss them as violent thugs or mindless killing machines. Their approach to the Hunt is often tactical to a militaristic degree.

Suggested Concepts: Cahalith Rock Star, Elodoth Strategist, Irraka Assassin, Ithaeur Activist, Rahu Bouncer.

Bone Shadows


 Knowledge is power. Curiosity drives Bone Shadows to depths others would never dare, and in many ways, the banner-bearers of Kamduis-Ur, the Death Wolf, are the shaped to be the perfect hunters. It is they who cleave most tightly to the penance-obligation, they who excel in hunting the creatures of the Shadow and purging them from the Material, ever-questing for greater knowledge.

Suggested Concepts: Cahalith Academic, Elodoth Exorcist, Irraka Explorer, Ithauer Pawn Shop Owner, Rahu Spirit Slayer.

Hunters in Darkness


 What are you hunting? The Meninna are ever on the Hunt, if not for the Shartha and other threats, then for something. The Hunters in Darkness take Hikaon-Ur, the Black Wolf, as their patron, who was well regarded as the finest and most silent hunter among the Firstborn.

This region is dotted with handy shadows, and it's often said that if a Hunter in Darkness doesn't want you to find them in New York City, you very well never may.

Suggested Concepts: Cahalith Ghost Writer, Elodoth Deputy, Irraka Thief, Ithaeur Fortune Teller, Rahu Vagabond

Iron Masters


 Evolve or perish. The Farsil Luhal move easily in urban New York, adaptable and quick to innovate, and are intimately familiar with and reverent towards their territory. Their Hunts are often long-term, well-planned, and turn the artifices and infrastructure of mundane society against their prey.

Among the region, Iron Masters are the ultimate wolves in sheep's clothing, seamlessly blending into the trappings of the mortal coil.

Suggested Concepts: Cahalith Teacher, Elodoth Diplomat, Irraka Con Man, Ithauer Life Coach, Rahu Personal Trainer

Storm Lords


 Just us. The unrelenting Iminir are dutybound and self-reliant, and place significant personal emphasis on proving worthy of the inherited mantle of their patron Totem, the Winter Wolf Skolis-Ur. While they are often alphas or leaders in some capacity, that capacity is not always or necessarily as alpha of their pack or as a senior in the Storm Lord tribe.

Suggested Concepts: Cahalith Musician, Elodoth Lawyer, Irraka CEO, Ithaeur Religious Leader, Rahu Military Veteran or Servicemember

Ghost Wolves


 Instinct over everything. Ghost Wolves are the proverbial lone wolves, and while many of them are newly Changed, an equal if not greater number have no intention of joining a Tribe, though some do anyway.

Suggested Concepts: Cahalith Blogger, Elodoth Shaman, Irraka Investigator, Ithauer Occultist, Rahu Mercenary.



Cahalith lorekeepers, visionaries, artists, and dreamers have flourished in New York City. Often the keepers of knowledge within their respect packs, Tribes, or Lodges, those who Changed under the Gibbous Moon are rich in local history and inspiration, and it serves them well.

With one eye on the past in the form of their lore, and one on the future as glimpsed through their prophetic dreams, the local Cahalith hope to unravel and make sense of what lies in store for the region.


The Half Moon represents balance, and balance is the the boon, the quest, and the obligation of the Elodoth, and their Tribe has had centuries of practice in striving to maintain that tenuous accord in New York City.

Many serve as judges, litigators, arbiters, negotiators, investigative specialists, and mediators in some fashion or another, though those responsibilities and inclinations don't always manifest vocationally.


NYC is riddled with boltholes, draped in long stretches of darkness, and smothered in crowds; each, in their own way, ideal for one of the New Moon's favored children to slip and slink unseen. Subtly and quietly, the Irraka of New York have influenced and struck from the shadows, and the Forsaken of this Auspice are kin to stealth, to deception, and to secrets.

Assassins, lawyers, thieves, charity organizers, security specialists: the adaptable, subtle stalkers of the Irraka take all manner of shapes, but primarily those best suited to enable their relentless, silent hunts.


The mystics and shamans that prowl New York in both the Material and the Hisil have been among the most prominent forces in recalled memory, and the size and scope of the Spirit Courts are both awe-inspiring and terrifying, both titillating and unnerving to those who Changed under the Crescent Moon. The legacy of Ithaeur in the region is one of spirit masters for whom the stakes could rarely be higher.

The city teems with the Shadow and its denizens, and Ithaeur are possessed of a special sensitivity and relationship with those ephemeral locals.


The furious and strength-obsessed Rahu have met challenges, threats, and prey head-on time and time again in New York, often if not always leading the charge themselves. Their zest for conflict and their first to enter, last to leave the battlefield mentality are the shears that keep the Auspice ever-pruned, and every member of the People knows that an elder Rahu is quite a formidable thing; it's the grey-haired warriors you should be the most afraid of.

When a Rahu in NYC reaches old age, they are not a survivor. They are a victor.


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Looking For a Pack

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  • Sofia Clarke: Optimistic, curious, and stubborn, this wolf-blooded brings her fair share of magpie/gremlin energy to any pack. She is supremely talented at sneakiness and deception, but also has a propensity at investigating all things weird and supernatural. Or, in less formal terms, she will stick her nose where it doesn't belong.
  • Erik Samuelson: Storm Lord Elodoth based out of Queens, level-headed and adept at seeing through to the heart of those he talks with.

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