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Character Creation

  • You get free dots in Moon Gifts according to your Auspice Renown, two Facets of Shadow Gifts from your Tribe and Auspice, and one facet of a Wolf Gift.
  • In addition to what's in the book, you may choose a Blood and Bone from the Blood and Bone list, or submit your own using the rules listed on that page.
  • Upon character creation, you are limited to one Renown at 3, and the rest may be at 2 or below.
  • Upon character creation, you are limited to Primal Urge 3 or lower.

Custom Abilities and Items

Downtime Actions

  • The limit is one per week, not inclusive of EQ buys and XP spends.


  • There are a number of publically available Loci that werewolves may use to gain access to the Hisil, or to replenish their Essence. It is assumed that you regain 3 Essence per week via access to normal, public Loci.
  • You regain a point of Essence the first time you see your auspice moon at night.
  • The merit Dedicated Locus also provides 3 Essence per day per dot in it. If you're sharing this merit with a pack, you're still limited to 3 Essence per point per day, and may divvy it up how you see fit among you.

Fetishes and Talens

  • When crafted, Fetishes and Talens must be supported by dots in Resources or Esoteric Armory equal to their rating.

Fighting Styles

  • Human Fighting Styles (Boxing, Martial Arts) and Movement Styles (Parkour) can only be used in Hishu and Dalu.


  • The Pure Gift trees from Night Horrors: Shunned by the Moon are permitted: Agony, Blood, Disease, Fervor, and Hunger. These are all considered non-affinity.
  • The Gift of City (non-affinity) and the Gift of Essence are permitted: read them here.
  • The Gift of Metal has been House Ruled in.
  • The Gift of Sun has been House Ruled in.
  • The Gift of Emotion from Ephemeral Influence is permitted.

Hunting Natures

  • Hunting Natures are not in use; no drawbacks or benefits of Hunting Nature Conditions are granted.


  • All Renown of 3 and above must be justified by a scene log reflecting the Renown earned.
  • Raising Primal Urge requires participation in ST scenes equal to the Primal Urge you wish to increase to. If you are at Primal Urge 3 and you want Primal Urge 4, you must participate and show 4 scene logs since you became Primal Urge 3. For Primal Urge over 5, at least half these scenes must be rated as deadly.

Moon Taint

  • Moon Taint causes Poisoned at "moderate".


  • Pack Experience will not be in use. Totem advantages and Pack merits will work as normal.
  • Packs make take any mundane Shared Merit tagged (Motley), and the same rules apply; to reap the benefit of the shared Merit, you must have purchased into it.
  • Pack Composite Sheet that combines Pack, Safe Place, and Totem into one.
  • At this time, we are not permitting Packs to exceed 5 Player Character members.

Pack Beats

  • A Pack Beat will be earned by any pack using teamwork during their weekly hunt submission rolls.
  • Pack Beats may be earned in several other ways by ST decision. Examples might be: scenes during which the pack operated together, DT actions involving teamwork by the pack, coordinating efforts on behalf of the pack during social scenes.
    • You are not guaranteed these Beats and fishing for Beats is discouraged. Actively pushing to work together is another story and there is a fine line between the two. Ultimately this will be ST approval.

Pack Tactics

  • Rules follow those laid out in The Pack.
  • Wolf-Blooded in a pack may use Pack Tactics as-is without needing any special Tells or gimmicks.
  • Packs do not begin play with any Tactics.
  • Pack tactics will be purchased for 1 pack xp per dot instead of 2.

Custom Tactics

  • Rules are laid in The Pack on how to design custom Tactics.
  • Packs may submit a Tactic for approval in advance while they are training to learn it, but may not have more than one custom Tactic in the approval queue at one time. The approved custom Tactic must be acquired by the pack, paid in full, before another custom Tactic may be submitted.
    • See the list of approved custom tactics here


  • Raising Renown in-play to or beyond 3 must be justified.
  • You are limited to one Renown at 3 to start, the rest must be at 2 or below.


  • The Merits Good Time Management and Patient apply to Rites.
  • When you learn a Rite from someone else, you do not have to inherit their dice pool. You may select your own, representing your own spin on the Rite.
  • Forge Alliance is not available to Player Characters.

Spirit Interactions

  • Werewolves predate spirits; do not assume that they will just up and talk to you and give you information instead of scurrying away, or flat out ignoring you.
    • You must have Contacts or Allies to reliably get intel from spirits regarding anything of specific interest.
    • Contacts or Allies cannot simply reflect (Spirits); they must reflect a specific group/kind of spirits, and your inquiry must be relevant to the spirits you have ties/merits with.
    • Even with these merits, spirits always take payment in gathra (Essence). This is normally 1-2 Essence for something of small value, and more if the value is greater. ST discretion applies.
  • Getting information from the spirits requires the same mechanical avenues (Contacts, Allies) as getting information from anyone else.
  • As with everything else, there are instances where you need a critical piece of information that is not reflected in your current Contacts or Allies. You are encouraged to collaborate with other Werewolves to get the "in".
  • In some cases, you may be able to "find" where certain spirits are hanging out, and coax them with Social Maneuvering and bribe them with more gathra than usual, but this is not reliable, and will work less and less the more that you rely on it, as spirits notice you are an easy mark for payment who has no networks and allies of their own.


  • Wolf-Blooded do not require the Primal Instincts Tell to participate in Pack tactics.
  • Wolf-Blooded may lead any rite they know. No specific Tells are required.
  • Wolf-Blooded may take the merits: Supernatural Resistance, Aura Reading, Mind of a Madman, Cursed, Unseen Sense, Clairvoyance, Laying on Hands, Animal Speech (Canines) and Medium.
  • Wolf-Blooded of particular tribes may take the following merits: Alchemy (Iron Masters), Biokinesis & Advanced Biokinesis (Blood Talons), Countermagic Ward (Bone Shadows), Warding (Hunters in Darkness), Weather Control (Storm Lords bypassing pre-reqs)

Essence Tracking

  • Essence and other vital stats are tracked through your Tracker page.