Werewolf/Approval Procedures/Rites

From Dark City

Please use the below formatting when submitting your Rite for approval via the ticket system.

Name of Rite: What's it called?
Power Rating: How many dots • to •••••? (This is subject to STM oversight.)
Symbols: What's da fluff?
Sample Rite: How can it be completed?
Success: What does it do when successful?
Action: For example: Extended (20 successes, roll per minute), Contested (Composure + Power Stat)
Duration: How long does it last?

Then submit to Werewolf, and be patient!

Ephemeral Attunement

  • Power Rating: 2
  • Symbols: A spirit's Bane, Moon
  • Sample Rite: The ritemaster begins by appeasing the relevant umia by producing a Bane that plagues one of their number under the sight of the moon. They must inflict some level of damage on themselves with the Bane, and destroy it. When the type of Bane or material of the Bane allows, the ritemaster may break it, and inflict the damage with the sharpened fragment edge. (Stamina + Occult)
  • Success: Raises an Influence that the ritemaster has access to by 1, to no more than a maximum of 5. It cannot be applied to more than one Influence at a time. If a second iteration is attempted before the expiration of the first, the first immediately ends, regardless of whether the second attempt was successful.
  • Action: Extended (20 successes, roll per minute)
  • Duration: Until the next phase of the moon.

Rite of Battle Chaos (Wolf)

Can only be learned by Blood Talons

Only works when facing a numerically superior force (no challenges, or duels)

  • Power Rating: ••••
  • Symbols: Rage, blood, battle, fire
  • Sample Rite: Participants stand around a fire while the Blood Talon ritemaster paints brands with blood on the participants face, chest, arms and claws, all the time working them into a rage, pushing and screaming in their faces before mock fighting him for a moment or sending them to fight another participant or participants, he repeats this with every werewolf until he howls signaling the end of the rite (Strength + Expression)
  • Success: All Uratha present during the rite benefit from this rites effects, any failure against an uratha under this rite counts as a dramatic failure with a suitably chaotic effect for their attackers, worse whenever the werewolf attacks and gains an exceptional success during an attack he may treat them as a dodge action negating the successes of an attack performed against them on a one by one basis.
  • Note: Berserker's Might effect counts only if it completely negates damage from an attack
  • Action: Extended (20 successes, roll per minute),
  • Cost: 5 Essence per participant this rite is used on
  • Duration: Until Sunrise