From Dark City

Please use the below formatting when submitting your Rite for approval via the ticket system.

Name of Rite: What's it called?
Power Rating: How many dots • to •••••? (This is subject to STM oversight.)
Symbols: What's da fluff?
Sample Rite: How can it be completed?
Success: What does it do when successful?
Action: For example: Extended (20 successes, roll per minute), Contested (Composure + Power Stat)
Duration: How long does it last?

Then submit to Werewolf, and be patient!

  • Custom rites can be learned by others provided the originating PC consents to teach it.

Ephemeral Attunement

  • Power Rating: 2
  • Symbols: A spirit's Bane, Moon
  • Sample Rite: The ritemaster begins by appeasing the relevant umia by producing a Bane that plagues one of their number under the sight of the moon. They must inflict some level of damage on themselves with the Bane, and destroy it. When the type of Bane or material of the Bane allows, the ritemaster may break it, and inflict the damage with the sharpened fragment edge. (Stamina + Occult)
  • Success: Raises an Influence that the ritemaster has access to by 1, to no more than a maximum of 5. It cannot be applied to more than one Influence at a time. If a second iteration is attempted before the expiration of the first, the first immediately ends, regardless of whether the second attempt was successful.
  • Action: Extended (20 successes, roll per minute)
  • Duration: Until the next phase of the moon.

Sacrament of Sanguine Oblation

  • Power Rating: •••
  • Symbols: New Moon, sacrifice, harvest, change, growth
  • Sample Rite: On the night of a new moon, participants spill the blood of a vessel (cow, horse, bull, or other suitably large animal) and disembowel it. Objects denoting the current nature of the locus and the nature desired are placed within the vessel. The ritemaster must then house themselves within the vessel, where they must complete the ritual with the oration of invocation on the hour, every hour, and meditation upon their will and intent until dawn. Come dawn, they ritemaster emerges from the vessel to reap what they have sown.
  • Action: Extended Stamina + Occult (15 successes; each roll per hour)
  • Success: Upon successful completion at dawn, the resonance nature of the locus is changed to that of the ritemaster's desire.
  • Duration: One lunar phase

Spectral Distillery

Can only be learned by Bone Shadows.

  • Power Rating: ••

The bones of the dead work as evidence, anchors, mementos, and occult gravy. The Bone Shadow with this rite can expand their potency and distill their essential benefits.

  • Symbols: Bones (Uratha, Human, or once Human), Fire, Stone
  • Sample Rite: The Bone Shadow steps into a heated space (a sweat lodge, a crematorium, a kitchen with insulated walls and poor ventilation) and meditates over a body in any state of decay. Should his goal be to further process the body, he will also need to grind the bones as necessary.
  • Action: Extended Stamina + Occult (10 successes; each roll represents 20 minutes.)
  • Success: The bones are physically urged towards processing their decay at an accelerated rate, pushing away blood, flesh, skin etc as far enough to remove any identifiable DNA. Teeth and other markings must be physically removed otherwise if they can still be used as identifiable markers. This process also removes the sin against the Oath of the Moon if the Uratha chooses to consume the bones.
  • Exceptional Success: The Uratha may choose one of the following additional actions. If the body is currently acting as an anchor to a ghost, he may remove that anchor without destroying the bones of the deceased. Or, he may further grind the bones into a powder, and by inhaling that powder he gains the ability to see and communicate with ghosts in twilight for as many minutes as successes he gained on the rite. This does not grant him the power to interact physically, only witness and speak with. It does not have to be the ghost of the deceased who the body belonged to. The bone powder may be saved for a later date, with a one time use per body.