From Dark City

Please use the below formatting when submitting your Fetish or Talen for approval via the ticket system.

Note: You may enter play with ONE custom Fetish or Talen. All others must be acquired in-game.

House Rule: Fetishes will not grant dice tricks.

Name of Item: What's it called?
Type and Power Rating: Fetish or Talen? How many dots • to •••••? (This is subject to STM oversight.)
Description: What's da fluff?
Effect: What's it do?
Action: If any.
Duration: If any.
Spirit: What spirit is dormant in the Fetish/Talen, or contributed a bit of itself to the Talen? What are the spirit's Ban, Bane, umia, and Influences? What is its Rank?
Acquisition: (Chargen only) How did your character acquire the Fetish/Talen? How did they convince, charm, coerce, cajole, or force the spirit into the item?

Then submit to Werewolf, and be patient!

Activating a Fetish requires spending a point of Essence, or succeeding at a Resolve + Composure roll penalized by the fetish's dot rating.

Accelerated Router (••)

Description: A neo-Fetish if ever there was one, the Accelerated Router combines the best of modern technology with, well, a spirit, ephemerally enhancing the Uratha's affinity with using connected, and thusly empowered, devices.
Effect: +3 to Intelligence for the purposes of Computer-related rolls while using the Fetish.
Action: Instant.
Duration: One hour.

Moose Club (•••)

Description: A blunt instrument built with a Moose antler or a wooden weapon with some kind of moose motifs.
Effect: Spend 1 essence. After a successful attack, add the number of successes rolled on activation or essence spent on activation in bashing damage.
Action: Reflexive
Duration: None

Lumberjack's Bane (•••)

Description: This Lumber Axe is used by the member of the lodge to make sure that opponents are taken down easily
Effect: When striking an opponent the user can activate it to cause the knockdown tilt and impose the fetish's rating as a penalty to resist the tilt. Once per person per scene.
Action: Reflexive
Duration: None

Permafrost's Bite (•••)

Description: Bladed weapon that is perpetually cold to the touch.
Effect: The first time the blade strike true, it can call an environmental tilt related to cold for the rest of the scene. (Blizzard, Ice, Extreme Cold, Heavy Wind). If the tilt has different levels, on further attacks and activation, spend 1 essence to increase its level.
Action: Reflexive.
Duration: Scene

Bliksem Tak (Lightning Branch) (•••)

Description: A curved black bow, its surface crossed with burns in lines indicating being struck by lightning.
Effect: On activation, the next shot from the bow instead becomes a lightning bolt. Aiming the bolt requires a successful Archery attack, inflicting 10 bashing damage on a hit. Successes on the attack roll do not add to the damage of the attack, nor does the damage rating of the bow. Each bolt costs 3 Essence from the user.
Action: Instant
Duration: Instant
Spirit: Strikes First, a Storm Spirit

Base Item: Short Bow +3L / Medium / Low/ -3 Init/ 1 Str / 5 Avail

Piglets' Bane (•••)

Description: The Wolf that blows on the three piglet's houses clearly indicates that that wolf figure was associated with Skolis Ur given its ability and thus, this fetish is often crafted by the associated tribe to enhance their control of the weather. It often takes the form of a necklace or article of clothing that billows in the wind.
Effect: When activating the Grasp of the Howling Wind Facet, This Fetish instead causes the whole area to be put under the Heavy Wind Tilt with level equal to the gift activation roll. As it is activated with a Weather Facet the result of this fetish are affect by the Hunt under Iron Skies facet.
Action: Reflexive.
Duration: As with facet.

Snakesilver Gauntlet (•••)

Description: Scales of an undiscernable alloy ripple like captured mercury when this gauntlet with dagger-pointed fingertips molds itself to the wearer's hand.
Effect: Add Cunning to Dexterity for the Duration. Attempts to deny Defense must defeat a Clash of Wills. Not compatible with Urhan.
Action: Reflexive
Duration: Scene
Spirit: Black-Mouthed Asp

Base Item: Brass Knuckles +1L / 0 Init / 1 Str / 1 Size / 5 Avail / Enhance: Brawl / (Brawl), Stun

Hollow Fang (•••)

Description: A serpentine fang jammed into the gums of the Horizoner.
Effect: Use Influence (Death) 3 after a successful biting attack. Only the bitten prey may be targeted with Influence (Death).
Action: Reflexive
Duration: N/A
Spirit: Crimson Pit Viper

Base Item: Natural Weapon (Bite)

Kinetic Stinger (•••)

Description: A sinuously carved bow.
Effect: Upon a successful strike with the Kinetic Stinger, the wielder may convert successes from damage to Essence (or equivalent) drain up to their Cunning, taking that Essence for themselves. This does not allow them to go above their Essence limit, and may only be used once per turn in the event that another ability grants the wielder a second attack.
Action: Reflexive
Duration: N/A
Spirit: Seastone Serpent

Base Item: Short Bow +3L / Medium / Low/ -3 Init/ 1 Str / 5 Avail

The Seeing Eye (••••)

Description: An innocuous bit of translucent beach glass strung into a leather cord. The glass becomes fully transparent when activated.
Effect: Grants the use of Influence 4 (Information).
Action: Reflexive.
Duration: Scene.

Primal Visage (•••••)

Description: The skull of an indistinguishable animal fashioned into a boney mask. When activated, it fuses with the wearer's face, turning what probably was fleshy features of a face into an animalistic skull-like visage. The wearer's voice becomes twisted and primal, growling and snapping, like how you'd expect if predatory animals could talk.
Effect: Spend 2 Essence. Anybody who's looking at the masked face in its full, terrifying glory at its time of activation are subject to either the Atavism, Berserk, or Delusion Conditions, as primal instincts (even if they never had any to begin with) overwhelm their minds. (Presence + Intimidation vs Resolve + Composure). The subject chooses the Condition. On a difference equivalent to an exceptional success, the victim takes the Insensate condition.
Action: Instant.
Duration: Instant.