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The Christmas Market is the annual event of the Winter Court. It takes place every year from 6 December to 6 January. In Bannerman Castle, where it always snows in winter, it is the perfect temperature for a winter wonderland. Snow lies in gentle hills around the Winter Village. And lots of little shacks covered with glowing lights and snow. Very very cute at first sight. Apart from the fact that this was a hollow, you could have thought you were really at a German Christmas market. There were delicious treats made from goblin fruit to eat or drink. And of course, the Winter Court sells their goods. Be it favours, information or things that were normally not available. Or were cashed in.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
Weihnachtsmarkt I: Snowball fight
Weihnachtsmarkt II: Mushrooms and other exotic foods
Weihnachtsmarkt III: What is the purchase you regret the most?