Waffle House

From Dark City

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Waffle House
Chronicle Jericho
Room Type Business

Stepping into the Waffle House across the river, a haunting emptiness permeates the air. The once vibrant diner now stands eerily devoid of life, with only a handful of weary souls scattered throughout. Shadows cling to the corners, casting an unsettling gloom over the space.

The dim lighting barely lights the vacant booths along the walls, their worn upholstery and chipped tables telling tales of neglect. The silence hangs heavy, broken only by the distant murmurs of hushed conversations. Behind the counter, the kitchen appears suspended in twilight, its worn appliances and idle griddles tarnished from years of neglect.

In the mostly empty and dark Waffle House of Jericho a somber stillness prevails. The space feels frozen in time, its atmosphere lending a sense of desolation and melancholy. It's a place where solitude takes hold, and the echoes of lost moments seem to linger, adding to the weight of the empty booths and the hushed whispers of forgotten stories.

The kitchen area is stained with stubborn pink handprints along the counter.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
A Night at the Waffle House 2023-06-18 Waffle House Arlene Kinsey, Clem Barton, Henley Henley involves Clem in his antics, and Arlene drops by for a quick meal and a chat.
Waffle House Reunion Waffle House Clem Barton, Travis Martinez Clem and Travis reunite in person after too long.
A Strange Sanctuary Waffle House Lucy Jordan, Travis Martinez Travis and Lucy dance around their real issues.
The Waffle House Conspiracy 2023-06-26 Waffle House Lucy Jordan, Henley Lucy reaches out to Henley and they have get conspiratorial behind the Waffle House.
You Don't Keep These Hours None, They Keeps You 2023-06-29 Waffle House Hasil Hurst, Jamie Murphy Jamie and Hasil have a surreal conversation in the dead of night.
Checking on Clem 2023-06-28 Waffle House Clem Barton, Lucy Jordan Lucy checks on Clem. A few secrets are revealed, to both of their relief.
Eggos and Espionage 2023-07-11 Waffle House, Clem's House Clem Barton, Hasil Hurst Hasil meets Clem after work and they bond over eggos and loss
A No Good Very Bad Day 2023-07-11 Waffle House Clem Barton, The Vrăjitoare Clem gives a pep talk to the flat top.
Late Night Breakfast 2023-07-26 Waffle House Angel Cleary, Arlene Kinsey Angel and Arlene talk about BOYS.
Waffle House Encounter 2023-08-10 Waffle House Clem Barton, Lucy Jordan Clem and Lucy get a few shady customers.