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Originally a marine biologist from New York, Wade left the city to travel to Florida, Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean to study coral decay. All of his research always lead to the same conclusion: corporate greed and government corruption was killing the world.

He began to view the sea as his home, he liked swimming among the coral reefs with more than he like being on land. During this time, he made contact with a few semi-tribal cultures and learned a lot about their survival and hunting techniques.

He returned to New York a man with a mission: to do whatever he can to stop his home from being destroyed.

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RP Hooks
Ecoterrorist: Wade hates the destruction of the natural environment. Similar to predatory animals, his lifestyle is threatened by the loss of his prey's habitat.

Hunter: Wade hunts for both sport and out of necessity. He prefers the act of tracking down an animal in the wild over smooth-talking someone's guard down. Even if the blood's not as good.

Aquatic Vampire: Wade's most comfortable in the water.

Return to NYC: Wade left home as a mortal, but he's back as a creature of the night.

Helpful: Wade is overly helpful to those in need. Almost to the point of martyrdom.

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Wade Moon

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Type: Vampire

Clan: Gangrel

Covenant: Ordo Dracul (Status 1)

Apparent Age: Early 30s

Height: 5'9

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Played By: User:Spectre