Wachter Hardware

From Dark City

     Wachter Hardware.png
Wachter Hardware
Chronicle Jericho
Owner Helen Wachter
Bonus +2 to Repair or Crafts
Room Type Business

A dilapidated old shop nestled into the foothills of Jericho proper. Wide set, with uneven floors and tightly crammed dusty shelves, the wares boast everything to can your goods, reroof your house, repair your boat, feed your chickens, and brush up on your taxidermy. Many of the locals have accounts that have been open a few generations back. The owners now are Helen Wachter, a young but highly capable tinkerer, who takes after her late father George Wachter (died during a “hunting accident”), and her brother Ralph Wachter, a 21 year old n’e’er do well, who is at least able to do the heavy lifting and often gets given house calls as the local repair man. Helen is typically overwhelmed by the shop but prefers it to leaving the doors - too antisocial to really be involved in the day to day of Jericho. Born mostly deaf, Helen reads lips and doesn’t talk often unless she’s familiar with people. She has printouts at the ready for those who need instructions on projects, or offers her brother up to the task. He has nothing better to do after all.