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The Ghost of NYC

Description: Vivienne has a slim yet athletic build. Though not an athlete, she has lived out on the streets for most of her life and looks like she knows how to handle herself when it comes down to it. She's not imposing, but there's a clear essence of "danger" that comes with her look. Her skin is almost as pale as a ghost, which is contrasted with dark clothing and a style reminiscent of a punk era. Her clothes are actually well maintained, and she seems to be fairly clean, so one can assume she has some kind of living space. Overall the woman does not seem to stand out in any spectacular fashion, looking like most who dress in the punk aesthetic with the leather jackets, band T-shirts and denim pants or short skirts.

Personality: Vi doesn't seem overly friendly upon first meeting her. She's cynical, a little pessimistic, and tends to not hold her punches. She's rather sensitive to those around her however, and those who get past a bit of a rough first impression will often find her warm and easy to talk to.

Liminal Aura: The aura that seems to permeate around Vivienne causes people to feel slightly ill, though not sickly, more so as if they'd eaten too much chocolate and it fades rather quickly. What doesn't fade is the slightly cold chill that follows her along with a sense of heaviness, as if something is presenting an emotional weight. It's faint, and often times can be ignored, but it's presence is always there.

Poisoned Sorrow: The Geist that follows Vivienne appears to be a woman with poison dripping from her eyes, as if she's crying a venemous sickly green or yellow toxin. Her body is covered in veins of a greenish hue, and her skin is a sickly pale. She is disturbing to look at, but there's something undeniably sad and sympathetic about the way she seems to carry herself.

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RP Hooks
Underworld Contact: Though most only know her as "Vi", Vivienne has quite a few contacts that she maintains in the underworld. She even knows how to get to certain locations that only those within the criminal underbelly of the city would know about. Anyone with connections to the mob, gangs, or just general criminal organizations or individuals would also probably know of Vi and possibly how to get in contact with her if needed, though few have likely ever seen her face or know what she looks like. She's considered to be somewhat of a ghost haunting the city, always present but hard to find or pin down, which is why she's so good at whatever it is that she does....whatever that may be for selected individuals.

Police/Law Enforcement: Vi has definitely run afoul of law enforcement in the past, and even with a few regrets after becoming bound, she's still not really on their good side. She doesn't work with the police, and in fact will often try to keep people safe from them rather than the other way around. She will occasionally help the certain police officers as an informant, but it's not often. Most however have heard her name, albeit not in a positive light.

Vengeful Dead: There's no escaping what she is now, and even less denying how she feels about her current situation. Life is unfair, and she does what she can to try and make it just a little bit less so. While she most definitely prefers to work in smaller ways and behind the scenes, many of the dead who come to her are those seeking retribution for a wrong, hoping that she can somehow make it right. Those with similar dispositions, whether towards the dead or the living, may find common ground with Vi.

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Vivienne "Vi" Venturi


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AGE: 24

CONCEPT: Contract Criminal

PUBLIC EFFECTS: Liminal Aura, Status 2 (Crime), Anonymity 3, Striking Looks 1

BURDEN: The Kindly




AURA RANGE: 20 yards


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Played By: Soufriria