Virginia Downs

From Dark City

Madam Virginia Downs
Virginia Downs.png
BirthdateApril 23, 1958
SkintoneLight Tan
HairGreying Blonde
OccupationOwner of Le Carnivale Magnifique
ConceptMysterious Caretaker
StatusActive NPC


As Virginia Downs strides out as the Ring Master of Le Carnivale Magnifique, her magnetic presence commands attention. In her mid-60s, she towers at five feet and seven inches, draped in flamboyant, bright orange suits that seem to dance with every step. The once-blonde hair, now gracefully grey, frames a face etched with the stories of a life spent under the carnival lights. Her light blue eyes, a reflection of both weariness and unwavering passion, captivate the audience. Despite the years, her physical vigor is evident, a testament to her dedication to the grand spectacle. As she takes the center stage, her caring nature shines through the dazzling display, and the crowd can't help but be enamored by the living legend that is Virginia Downs, the vibrant and tireless orchestrator of this magnificent carnival.

RP Hooks

Ringmaster's Dilemma: Le Carnivale Magnifique has always been a place of mystery and danger even from its beginnings,but it seems that as time goes on those dangers only seem to grow. As more and more oddities join her ranks, more things move in the shadows and hound the Caravan's trail. How will you help in protecting the Carnivale? Do you oppose Virginia's drive to bring more into the fold despite the growing danger?

Guide Towards the New Dawn: Virginia reaches out a helping the Created as they move through their Pilgrimages, no Azoth burning in her body. When Torment wracks at their souls, or they find themselves lost on the way, the Caretaker seems to always find the right words. How has she helped you in the past? What do you need from her next? How will you repay her for all she has done?

Unveiling the Enigma: The curse of Disquiet does not effect Virginia Downs, no matter how long the Created spend talking to her. When Azoth burns bright and your disfigurements show, it is only her that does not flinch. How is she immune to the curse? What in her past connects her so strongly to the Prometheans?


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