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Vincent E. Combs, 'Mr. Combs' to his students, is a teacher at a New York City public high school, teaching (Variously) History, Chemistry, and dabbling in English Lit and PE. Extremely popular with his classes, Vincent is known as charming, intelligent, and sympathetic; easy to open up to even for the most recalcitrant students.

Among his coworkers, Vincent is known as a peacekeeper, stepping in to settle disputes between faculty, or even between teachers and students, skilled at defusing tensions and helping everyone reach a settlement. He does his bet to make due with the often unreasonable demands of the school board, which as always doesn't have enough time, manpower, or money to accomplish their goals.

This would all be mostly unremarkable, however, Vincent has a dark secret. He is a psychic, with incubus-like powers of psychic domination and charm, it taking little more than a look and an effort of will to make someone want to submit to him. Beneath the kindly exterior of a schoolteacher lies a streak of domineering cruelty that is always nudging him closer and closer to unleashing his powers on those around him.

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RP Hooks
  • No money, mo' problems: The entire public education system is built on a mandate to do more with less. One of the first casualties under that directive is teacher salary. While Vincent isn't exactly a man of extravagant tastes, his current accommodations are the very definition of 'just barely scraping by'. The chance to make some real money on a side gig, even if it's a little spooky or a lot illegal, would be incredibly tempting for him.
  • My office door is always open: High School is where Vincent developed his powers, where he made some seriously questionable life choices, and where he's returned to become a teacher after running away from his old life. He's tied to that place for better or worse, and that means bonds with the faculty and students. Mr. Combs always has an ear out for a student who's having trouble at home, or a flustered coworker.
  • Ferni Paradox: As far as Vincent knows, he's the only one in the world with powers like his. Evidence that he's not alone would be something he could hardly risk investigating.

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Vincent E Combs

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Full Name: Vincent Errol Combs
Pronouns: He/Him
Occupation: High School Teacher
Age: 41
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 199lbs
Public Effects:
  • Status: Education ●
  • Professional Training: Teacher ●●●
  • Empath ●●

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