Victory Hall

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Victory Hall With lights festooning the entire area, the Summer Hollow's main hall is a space constantly aglow with the warmth and fire of sconces, hearths and candelabra of all shapes and sizes, banishing shadow and cold from all but the furthest corners. Weapons of every culture, age and description adorn the walls, as do ancient and recent trophies of past battles, hunts and combats. The heady smell of clover, heather and wild grasses mingles with that of dirt, clay and stone-baked endlessly by the relentless Summer sun. When it is quite enough, the sound of summer insects buzzing can be heard, and as night falls upon the Hedge and Ironside, those insects light the hall with a thousands upon thousands of tiny, glowing stars above its guests.

The Victory Hall is a Tavern who Changelings can get some nice beer or mead home brewed

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Borough Bronx
Summary Tavern Hollow in the Midnight Circus
Sphere Changeling
Resources 1
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