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Chronicle New York"New York" is not in the list (New York City, Jericho, London, Carnivale) of allowed values for the "Chronicle" property.
Room Type Business

One of the crown jewel nightclubs in New York and operated by Duchess Natasha Arroyo, Verboten was originally founded in a former power plant building and is the unofficial capital of the underground music scene on the eastern seaboard of the US.

Doors to its mundane areas, separate from its Kindred ones, are continuously open to the public from Friday night until Monday morning, playing host to a level of debauchery that has become characteristic of the city’s nightlife, and it is notoriously difficult to gain access to.

With multiple dance halls and a complex web of VIP lounges, private rooms, rooftop accesses, and a recently-opened arthouse installation in the basement, it offers prominence, privacy, entertainment, respite, and quick meals on tap.

Use of Disciplines and Devotions inside Elysium is prohibited. The Elysium sections are for Kindred and Ghouled only.

Court is regularly held here in a large underground hall.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
Two Tasks in the Black Lounge
Back Room Deals
Ghosts From The Past Pt. 1
Verboten Rooftop- Opening Night
Verboten- Opening Night
Mekhets being Mekhets
Testing the Waters
Ariel Chooses
Impromptu Dance Party at Verboten
Diplomacy by other means
Definitely a Conspiracy
The Many Ways to Skin a Cat
Lost Keys
Forbidden Fruits
Passion in the Black Lounge
Dance Fighting and Daeva Politics
Armor Things
Two Heathens & A Rescue Party
Require Only Obedience
Most Honest Answer
Reason & Debate
Welcome (back) to Elysium
Arthur Meets Levi
Don't fuck with Mrs. Sullivan
Sovereign Faith, part two
Mages and Monsters (Sea)
Augusta Gets Assigned to Jersey
Can and Will
Deputy Coordination
Cautious Oversight
Cutting Blades
Something Really Incredible
Wine Night At The Black Lounge
Desk vs Field
Deni and Moira Catch Up
Verboten After the Bronx
Murderers and Murderees
Have You Met Calliope?
You Have Too Much Spare Time
Signaling for an Intro
The Limits of Ambition
The First Grand Elysium
Morose and Disturbed
A Good Boy
Too Many Mehkets
Introductions, New and Old
Summoned to the Black Lounge
Court in the Black Lounge with Haruka