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  • Stats: 5'8, 140lbs, Lean
  • Description: She wears nice designer clothing, but if you look closely it's all well taken care of hand me downs or revived relics. Her make up is crisp and just enough to keep her on television. Her nails are hand done, but she's at least good at it. With curly brown locks and bright brown eyes, she's a thrown together glamour queen with a Life Touch smile.


She moves quick, talks quick, and is always working. A sharp eye for details, a soft shoulder when she needs to be one and her focus is always the story. She's not one to let others get close, too focused on them, but if you did, you might see she keeps a tight lid on her life. Something something about the wizard behind the curtain.

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RP Hooks
ABC 7 NEWS REPORTER You probably know her face more than her name, but she hopes you know both. An up and coming news anchor for the local channel. She's still getting the shit jobs that land her the bad neighborhoods, but she's rubbing elbows with the right people. Maybe you're one of them?

LOCAL QUEEN If you were born in New York, you may not have met her at all. Its a big city for such a small place. If you did, she was the popular girl, the prom queen, the lead in the school plays, the head of the track team. She's still just as competitive now as she was then.

LOST TIME A few years ago she was in the news herself for a lost few weeks of time. She was a missing persons for about 19 days. She still can't recount for that time, but something tells her to stay away from the dark, even when she's ignoring it.

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Veda Rivera

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AGE: 27
CONCEPT: ABC 7 News Anchor
  • Fame 1 (Local News)
  • Status 1 (Media)
  • Striking Looks 2 (Trust Worthy)
  • Presence 4

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  • The Werewolf - "Never met her in my life." Veda will be the last to admit she has handed her heart over to the Irraka.
  • The Maiden - "I know a girl who could outshine all of you." Like a little sister, Veda's range of protection covers this one.
  • The Rock Star - "I don't know him, he knows me." Why Veda knows a recluse rock star is anyone's guess.
  • The Hitman - "A gentlemen and a killer." It helps to know people on both sides of the fence.
  • The Movie Star - "I've got massive respect for people who understand how things work." These two have solved the worlds problems over wine.
  • The Survivor - "Best friends isn't a term that loses weight over the years if you choose wisely." - The two went to high school together and after years of separation are picking up where they left off.

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Played By: JJ