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  • Stats: 5'8, 140lbs, Lean
  • Description: Nondescript clothing, though its still flattering (she's not a monster), often outfits she can run, crawl, or climb in. Most often seen in a leather jacket over a hooded sweater, skinny jeans and ankle boots.


It's hard to get a bead on Veda these nights. She's always on the move. Focused, driven. More often than not she seems in a hurry and is restless enough to seem impatient. While once she had the human component of being selfish or sometimes lazy and self indulgent, it's been replaced with a tack sharp need to gather details, as if turning them to weapons, or at least storing them away for ammo. Her attention is divided, a million miles from here as she waits for you to hurry up and pour your heart out.

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RP Hooks
EVERYTHING HAS A PRICE In life she knew everyone, and now she uses that to her advantage. It helps having friends in high and low places and Veda seems to have the bead, or perhaps even the dirt, on most names rolling through the city. Need some info? Need a soft connection? She's your gal. (Crime Sphere)

ABC 7 NEWS REPORTER Once a local news reporter, she went missing and finally had the searched called off, accepted as gone. She's keeping a low profile to 'stay dead'. Her friends and family have mourned her and already given her a proper memorial, tombstone and all. (Arts & Society)

LOCAL QUEEN If you were born in New York, you may not have met her at all. Its a big city for such a small place. If you did, she was the popular girl, the prom queen, the lead in the school plays, the head of the track team. She's still just as competitive now as she was then. (Local)

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Veda Rivera

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AGE: 27
CONCEPT: Fucking over it.
  • Striking Looks 2 (Trust Worthy)
  • Presence 4
  • Intimidation 5
  • Indomitable
  • Status (Crime) 1: Information Dealer/Unlikely Assassin
  • Tell: Piercing Eyes
  • Tell: Dead Lights

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  • The Bestie - "I think we might have gone to school together? Not sure."

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Played By: JJ