Vanessa Jackson

From Dark City

Howls On The Moors

“She will rise. With a spine of steel, and a roar like thunder,
she will rise.” — Nicole Lyons

I am back in New York to settle a score. Ran afoul of a pack of Pure a few years ago, and from what I hear, they're still in town.

Back then, I was still a wolf-blood. My existence was little more than a speck at the periphery of Uratha society, not part of any pack, no "werewolf relatives" or anything like that, but the People kept an eye on me regardless. I'd set them up with fake paperwork or laundry some cash for them from time to time, but that was it. And then, the Pure got their hands on me. Figured I knew more than I did, and they did their very best to get me to share information I didn't have. Those scars still ache.

I have missed the vibrant scents of this place, the constant bustle of people, the familiar and unfamiliar noises, and everything else that makes New York all that is. There are a million things to keep a Hunter busy here. Fickle Umia hungry for Essence. Foul resonances seeping out of the spiritual underbelly of the city. The vile hosts of the Plague King and Spinner-Hag nesting in remote places, away from the vigilant eyes of the Uratha.

The Wolf Must Hunt.

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Rumours Whispered Amidst Concrete

Criminal Tendencies:
Even since before her Change, Vanessa has pursued a career that is not quite legal. She specializes in the fine arts of forgery and extortion, cultivating friendships in criminal circles.

Agronomy Studies:
She started studying agronomy a few years back, learning about such esteemed topics as chemistry, soil science, and plant physiology. She did not make it far in her studies, dropping out before graduating.

Street Fighter:
Sore knuckles and scraped knees and the taste of blood in one's mouth. Vanessa is a scrappy sort of a fighter, and though she isn't actively looking to get into a fight, she rarely steps down from one either.

Courting the Umia:
The Hisil is an ecosystem all of its own, and Vanessa has been trying to familiarize herself with the local spirit courts since her return to New York. Any help in these efforts would sure be appreciated.

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Part Woman, Part Bitch

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Deeds Etched In Marrow And Soul
This story is true.

The air itself is stale. It is slightly moist, with a taste like damp cardboard. The windows of the building are boarded shut. Two Pure are holed up here, angry and restless, separated from the rest of their Pack. A static hum originates from the kitchen, low-pitched constant noise originating from a fridge that was manufactured over a decade ago. The television turns on upstairs.

The air itself is stale. It still has the same scent, the same taste, the same moistness to it. And yet, -something- fills it. A silent breeze, unheard and unfelt, indiscernible to all senses -- even wolf senses. Carbon monoxide. A creeping death moves through the house. It surrounds the Pure. Air that kills slowly and relentlessly, every breath filling their lungs bringing them closer to their unavoidable demise. It is not the poisoning that kills them. It just weakens them. Makes them slow and sluggish. Makes them fall asleep.

No, the last thing they feel is crushing fangs pressing into the soft cartilage of their windpipes. I witness the panic in their eyes, though it does not last long.

When I retell the story to the People, they look at me with pride and satisfaction. "Mekhar-dumu," they baptize me in hushed voices.

Silent Breeze.

Cunning: • • • • •
A group of Hunters showed up after one of the locals underwent a violent First Change. Vanessa planted and manipulated evidence to give the impression of a frenzied Kindred, throwing the Hunters off track and keeping the Uratha population off their radar.

Purity: • •
An Uratha crossed into Vanessa's territory, hunting spirits that had been invited by her to cultivate harmonic resonances. Though her Tribal Oath demanded she punish the transgression, she ultimately decided to show restraint, graciously sparing his life.

Honour: •
A fire started to exterminate a Spider Host in the suburbs began spreading uncontrollably, burning down a nearby home the ground. She set up anonymous donations as reparations to a teenager boy that suffered burns during the attack.

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Vanessa Jackson


Full Name:  Vanessa Jackson
Deedname:  Mekhar-dumu
 Silent Breeze
Pronouns:  She/Her
Concept:  Reserved Small-Time
Age:  23
Height:  5ft 8in
Weight:  128lbs
Build:  Lean
Blood:  Relentless
Bone:  Wallflower
Traits:  Embodiment of Hikaon-Ur
 Primal Urge: ••
 Spirit Rank: •••
Auspice:  Irraka
Tribe:  Hunters In Darkness
Cult:  None
Lodge:  None
Pack:  None

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Songs Shared In The Night


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My Most Precious Memories Of All

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