Vampire Timeline

From Dark City
Year Event
2000 In January, the Prince of New York, Desmond Kincaid, shuts down the borders, effectively making it a Cloister City. Later that year in May, the city goes "dark". All attempts to reach any members of the City's Kindred fail. Reports estimate almost 70 vampires were lost.
2001 Multiple reports go out to neighboring cities that the remaining articles from the city's kindred were completely abandoned. Businesses were left unattended, churches were left abandoned, and bank accounts were untouched.
2010 For years, it is considered a death wish to go into New York. Many will not risk the journey. A small team of researchers decide to enter in an attempt to find what happened. Within a week, they too are gone without a trace.
2016 Mab returns to the United States to learn of the city's fate. They immediately assembly a cabinet of loyal Kindred and take control of the city. As of yet, there have been not instances that would suggest the fate of the previous Kindred, but Mab is determined to find the source of their demise.
2017 Prince Mab, 'opens the doors' to the city, allowing other Kindred to enter so long as the contribute to the city's success. Privatized machinations are frowned upon. Suspicious characters are removed.
2022 The Kindred of New York snuff out the last remnants of the conspiracy that had plagued the city for more than 20 years. Their work done, Mab and their coterie leave the city to resume their travels. Duchess Natasha Arroyo claims the Princedom over New York City and incorporates Jersey City into her territory as well.