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After character creation, we ask for characters to include justification for increasing their City Status or Covenant Status. Status may be improved by 1 point per month, per type of status (CivSoc/City/Covenant). To qualify for this increase, you must submit a number of logs equal to the new level of status that justify the increase. Increasing City status? Show us how you're accruing that esteem. Increasing Covenant status? Show us your interactions with your Covenant, and things you've done for them. The ST will determine whether the log justifies a status increase on a case by case basis. Interactions with one's covenant that are hostile or reduce your esteem with your peers are unlikely to qualify one for a covenant status increase, for example.

Once a log has been used this way, we'll append it to your character sheet and it cannot be reused to endorse future status increases.

This is a change from our previous policy, where status justifications were currency specifically doled out by the ST's, with much higher costs for increases. We would rather see you out there interacting with the other players than performing downtime actions. We don't want to gate status from players who can't be active enough to participate in 30+ plots. We don't want ST scenes to be the only mechanism for advancement, as we cannot reasonably provide every covenant with 30+ tailored plots on top of 30+ city-wide plots in a balanced manner in anything like a fast pace.

To summarize:

  • 1 status increase is available per status type per month.
  • Each Status increase requires a number of relevant logs equal to the new level of Status.
  • Logs cannot be reused for these purposes.
  • Past logs are acceptable if not already used (and not tied to an already-used status justification)