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After character creation, we ask for characters to include justification for increasing their City Status or Covenant Status. This is an intentional move; it is our goal that characters earn their status gains in play, and for those gains to have a real clout in the setting. We also want the climb in Status require time, effort, and contributing to the success of the city (and the game).

Characters are required to have a certain number of Status Instances to increase their City of Covenant Status. Status Instances can be earned from an ST Run Plot, a Player Run Plot (PRP), or a clever and meaningful downtime action. Downtime actions will need to be significantly large and meaningful enough to count here; likely requiring a lot of time, effort, or resources spent. Status Instances should be added to a character's tracker -- including which plot/action they came from. Status Instances are not inherently universal -- helping your Primogen solve a problem behind closed doors may not help you build up City Status. A Status Instance is expended when a Status Purchase occurs. eg: If a Vampire has a Status Instance for City Status and their Covenant, it is used for EITHER purchase, and is removed from their tracker when the Status is bought.

Status Increases Costs for Vampires are listed in the table below.

Status Change Instances Required
Status 0 -> 1 1 Status Instance
Status 1 -> 2 2 Status Instances
Status 2 -> 3 4 Status Instances
Status 3 -> 4 8 Status Instances
Status 4 -> 5 16 Status Instances