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VampireSphere RP Hooks

Please list below any RP hooks that you might have for new players, so these can be found in one centralized location that is easy for new people to find. Please update this list as things change.



  • A Producer and a talent scout, A.G. Silverwood is active in the arts world, especially in the world of Theatre. Those who are aficionados of off beat 1920's and 1930's film would probably recognize him from those old days in Hollywood.



  • Alexis Donovan maintains a personal library full of esoteric topics. If her library doesn't have what's needed, she can probably get it with sufficient notice.


  • Moira Reverie has made some pretty spectacular firearms - just don't get caught with one.

Combat & Combat Training

  • A practitioner of the polite duel, A.G. Silverwood is an Invictus soldier and soon to be Knight of the Thorned Wreath. Especially for fellow Invictus, he is willing to train and as a Scourge he is often seen getting into any number of scraps.
  • Johnny Reines was one of the first Kindred in New York to survive an attack by the Cowards (an unknown at the time). He took out his ambusher before the Scourges backing him up were even able to reach him. Despite his resistance to joining the Office of the Sheriff, he has put himself in harms way for the city again and again. If you need that kind of backup, Johnny's a good ally to cultivate.


  • Moira Reverie is a prodigy in all things digital and electronic. If you need protection from or a way to hurt an enemy with a digital presence, she can provide it.


  • Roux O'Hara is a drug dealer who provides high end psychedelics to exclusive clientele. They can provide access to street level drug dealers as well as home grown psychedelics and poisons.

High Adventure

  • Johnny Reines has frequently found himself digging into dangerous mysteries, whether in New York City, outside of it, or under it. Maybe he's an insatiably curious Mekhet, or a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie, or some mix of the two.

High Society

  • A.G. Silverwood is often seen at high society parties as one of New York's wealthy elite. Always dressed for the part, he also has impeccable etiquette at such functions.
  • Alexis Donovan is a regular at high-end social events and fundraisers. She can mingle with anybody but is most frequently spotted with the up-and-coming generation of her own age group.




  • Ariel Reines isn't a medical professional, but in her mortal life, she was one hell of a patient, with numerous encounters requiring the attention of the trauma team.



  • Hamish McGregor is a frontman for a band called Hellfire For The Idlers which has gained a loyal following for the last few years. They're a metal band with anarchist themes. Not everyone's cup of tea, but certainly enough people's idea of good music.
  • Ariel Reines has rich, soulful voice, that has often seen the stage in her mortal life, under the name of Abby Simmons, maybe you've seen her perform before, maybe you'd both been in the same audience at a concert, maybe you danced with the siren while the music played.


  • It's not a secret that before she was Prince, Natasha Arroyo was the undisputed Nightlife Overlord of New York City -- whatever that means.

Parks & Outdoors

  • Johnny Reines frequently exercises in various parks and outdoor locations after sundown.
  • Ariel Reines bodies of water frequently get the attention of the Mara, but she has her love of the wilds and woods all the same.

Philosophy & Religion

  • Moira Reverie is the Haruspex of the Circle of the Crone. Divination is in her blood, and for a good cause and the right price, she might just spill some for you.


  • Ayda Anwar is a Professor of Anthropology and gives evening lectures on related topics at the local universities.
  • As an active student of Columbia university Roux O'Hara has access to both the campus and a network of professors on various subjects.