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VampireSphere RP Hooks

Please list below any RP hooks that you might have for new players, so these can be found in one centralized location that is easy for new people to find. Please update this list as things change.


  • Despite a demeanor most people find intimidating, Cash Carter is said to have a way with animals. Rumour has it that the ghoul owns a rattlesnake and a boa constrictor that make frequent appearances at the sermons of Leviticus Grove.


  • A Producer and a talent scout, A.G. Silverwood is active in the arts world, especially in the world of Theatre. Those who are aficionados of off beat 1920's and 1930's film would probably recognize him from those old days in Hollywood.
  • It may not be the high arts but it is her arts. Draven Fiore is a Stunt Actor that works in those dodgy back alley shows that seem to pop up over night and disappear the next.


  • In the business of doing business Valentina Hawthorne is perhaps not well known but is a thriving venture capitalist. If you need better connections for your business, access to professionals or the funding necessary she can get you into the proper channels to receive your just rewards.


  • It's said that Leviticus Grove maintains a moderate library as a Sanctified lorekeeper.


  • Maybe she isn't much of a skilled artisan herself, but Valentina Hawthorne can get you anything you want. Legality, complexity, rarity... that's something to let her worry about.
  • Quinn Martin is often equipped with a bevy of gadgets and tools; bleeding edge tech enchanted with his Lynx blood. He has made weapons, armor, and tools for different Kindred in the city. "I can improve whatever you rely upon."
  • An expert in archaic crafts Draven Fiore is more than willing to help to either improve on something of yours or to make something entirely new and fun. Fun is what she lives for after all. Well as much as she can say she is alive.

Combat & Combat Training

  • A practitioner of the polite duel, A.G. Silverwood is an Invictus soldier and soon to be Knight of the Thorned Wreath. Especially for fellow Invictus, he is willing to train and as a Scourge he is often seen getting into any number of scraps.
  • Although not much of a fighter personally, or well... outwardly, Valentina Hawthorne's ghoul Iris is. If you're looking to learn defensive tactics, Biu Tze or restraining techniques she is more than happy to demonstrate her skills.
  • Johnny Braddock was one of the first Kindred in New York to survive an attack by the Cowards (an unknown at the time). He took out his ambusher before the Scourges backing him up were even able to reach him. Despite his resistance to joining the Office of the Sheriff, he has put himself in harms way for the city again and again. If you need that kind of backup, Johnny's a good ally to cultivate.
  • Draven Fiore is an expert in Italian Fencing, focusing on the Flower of Battle, one of the longest surviving Sword Fighting manuscripts.
  • Cash Carter is apparently available to play punching bag, with the blessing of his regnant. Perhaps a strange arrangement, but Leviticus Grove works in mysterious ways.


  • Quinn Martin works heavily with technology in securities and surveillance. Previous projects have involved him hacking into national government databases.
  • Moira Reverie is a prodigy in all things digital and electronic. If you need protection from or a way to hurt an enemy with a digital presence, she can provide it.


  • Do you need a crooked cop? How about someone to get you something you just can't get anywhere else? The illicit and illegal often find their interests whispered into Valentina Hawthorne's ears if you need something she can whisper back.

High Adventure

  • In the defense of the city, Deputies Quinn Martin and Eli Dupree are often found involved in the more dangerous situations that arise, putting life and limb directly in harm's way to ensure that the rest of the Kindred community wakes up to a safer New York every evening.
  • Johnny Braddock has frequently found himself digging into dangerous mysteries, whether in New York City, outside of it, or under it. Maybe he's an insatiably curious Mekhet, or a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie, or some mix of the two.
  • As one of the Scourges of the city Draven Fiore seems to regard it as her duty to protect the city. She carries a sword that alone is enough to cleave most foes in twain alone.

High Society

  • A.G. Silverwood is often seen at high society parties as one of New York's wealthy elite. Always dressed for the part, he also has impeccable etiquette at such functions.
  • Old money to the old money Valentina Hawthorne is not often a welcome guest at New York's elite parties but god rest the soul that didn't invite her. If you're particularly lucky you might have even met Tia Valentina, but only if it happened to be a good night.



  • Valentina Hawthorne Is a lawyer at Charlotte, Gold & Webb, a well known service that caters mainly to the business and medical sphere they will dust off their books to cover for any strange incidents that happen to garner unwanted attention. Justice isn't blind, she's greedy.


  • Eli Dupree is a practicing physician, administrator of Alliance Medical Plaza, and operates a small fleet of a half dozen blood donation busses throughout the city. The good doctor is a valuable resource if there is any need for blood or medical services.
  • Deni has in the past advertised her ability help her fellow Kindred recover from particularly grievous injuries or even the ravages of the Beast, and also spends some of her nights working as a nurse. Her name is worth keeping in mind for those Kindred that find their body or soul in frequent peril.



  • They always talk about how the Devil went down to Georgia, but they never mention what he did since then. Leviticus Grove spends early evenings busking in the subway tunnels when able, using the opportunity to draw others in, to speak, and to hear the nature of humanity at its core.


  • Leviticus Grove can be counted among the masses that haunt the dancefloors. From hoedowns to ballroom and back around to thrashing, nothing's too out of character for him given this particular facet of culture.
  • Cash Carter can be found in bars, nightclubs, strip clubs, casinos and at backroom poker tables all over the city. Anywhere sin and excess can be found, the ghoul is sure to follow. Need a companion for a visit to one? Cash is sure to oblige.

Parks & Outdoors

Philosophy & Religion

  • Moira Reverie is the Haruspex of the Circle of the Crone. Divination is in her blood, and for a good cause and the right price, she might just spill some for you.
  • Like many Sanctified, Leviticus Grove has something of an interest in religion. It is quite likely that one can find him at interfaith meetings and all sorts of religious services, partaking or watching.