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An official title of the Ordo Dracul is made up of three grammatical components. The first component is the Dragon’s “rank,” the second is his “domain” and the optional third component is made up of “decorations.” A Dragon’s rank is an expression of how much he knows about the covenant’s mystic philosophy. His domain and decorations describe what he knows.

The proper presentation of a Dragon’s title follows this formula:

[The Dragon’s name], [the Dragon’s rank] of [one or more decorations] + [the Dragon’s domain] + [one or more decorations].

  • For example: “Alexander, Scholar of the Sanguine Terror.”

In practice, a Dragon has a great deal of flexibility with the grammar, provided he gets the vocabulary right. So, “Alexander, Sanguine Scholar of Terror” conveys the same information as the previous example. First, find the proper vocabulary for your character. Then assemble it into a title that suits your taste (or his).


Rank is determined by how many Coils you know. A Dragon always chooses one Mystery Coil, and may learn a number of Coils in each other Mystery up to his Status in the Covenant. Those who do not know any Coils receive the title of Attendant.

  1. Supplicant
  2. Scribe
  3. Scholar
  4. Initiate
  5. Adept
  6. Master
  7. Philosopher
  8. Illuminus
  9. Architect
  10. Visionary
  11. Immortal


  • Ascendant - ...of the Curse
  • Voivode - ...of the Empire
  • Wyrm - ...of Terror

Standard Decoration

Decorations are optional, but many Dragons use them to convey more information, or appear more impressive, to their peers. The most common decorations indicate the Dragon’s second-strongest Coil, but other decorations, and even ranks and titles, are sometimes used to convey hidden messages to other Dragons.

  • Ascendant Coil is secondary: "Burning" or "Fiery"
  • Voivode Coil is secondary: "Imperial" or "Royal"
  • Wyrm Coil is secondary: "Wild" or "Untamed"
  • All Equal: "of Equilibrium"


"I only know one Coil": Dedicated

"All my Coils are at the same level": Equilibrium

"I know rituals of another Covenant": Questing or Tested

"I'm showing off for the audience": Sublime, Transcendent, or Dreadful

"I am here against my will": Terrible

"I am lying or disguised": Forgotten or Withered

"Outsiders are listening": Subtle

"Enemies are listening": Invincible

"I need immediate aid": Esoteric

"We are in immediate danger": Sterling or Omnipotent

"I am favored" or "I am to be protected": Renewed or Remarkable

"My master wants you to destroy me": of the Fourth Darkness


Requires the Sworn merit.

Sworn of the Axe: Red or Scarlet Dragon

Most Sworn of the Axe are Companions, though the best among them are awarded the title of Dragon Knight. To achieve this status they must have destroyed at least one other Kindred in the course of fulfilling their duties. During a time of actual battle, a Commander is chosen to lead a coterie of Axe.

In addition, there are several unique positions per region. The Vigilant Dragon is the Sworn of the Axe's herald and record keeper. The Rampant Dragon or Grandmaster is the wisest of all the Axe-Sworn, and the head of the faction across the region. the Rising Dragon is his second in command. The Warden is responsible for any and all prisoners or non-Dragons captured or permitted on covenant property, and is frequently also the Castellan. 

Sworn of the Dying Light: Blue, Azure, or Twilight Dragon

All Twilight Dragons start out as Apprentices. They do not do research of their own, instead aiding their Master and mentor, but through this process they get insight into advanced techniques. After a few years they become Journeymen, and most Sworn of the Dying Light remain at this level. To become a Master of the Dying Light,  he must present a Master Thesis to the Twilight Council, detailing an original discovery such as a custom scale. Masters have the authority to make overall policy regarding the scholastic efforts of all dragons. 

In addition, there are three unique positions: the Twilight Judge, who is the final authority in any Covenant dispute; the Provost, who chairs the Twilight Council and is its spokesperson to the other Sworn, and the Galliard, a Journeyman chosen to politely play Devil's Advocate to the rest of the Covenant.

Sworn of the Mysteries: Black or Sable Dragon

Most Sworn of the Mysteries are Seers, to the point that it is sometimes used as a name for the faction. The most respected of the Seers are Oracles, who guide the long-range shape and destiny of the Covenant. One of these, selected by consensus, is the Parliamentarian, who leads the sessions of parliaments. Additionally, a Seer or Oracle who has voluntarily entered torpor to study the Kindred state gains the title Navigator.


[Name], Black Dragon Lord, Dedicated Scholar of the Empire - "I am Sworn of the Mysteries, and I have Voivode 3."

[Name], Red Dragon, Companion Scribe of the Untamed Empire - "I am a low-ranking Sworn of the Axe with one coil in the Mystery of the Voivode and one Coil of the Wyrm."

[Name], Master of Equilibrium - "I have six Coils, all at 2. I am not Sworn."

[Name], Esoteric Initiate of the Wild and Terrible Curse. - "I have four Coils, my Mystery is the Ascendant but I also know a little Wyrm, and by the way I'm being forced to be here against my will, could you do me a solid and help me out of this situation?"

[Name], Philosopher of the Sublime and Fiery Terror. - "Look I have 7 coils, Wyrm is primary and Ascendant is secondary, but really I'm just showing off because this Invictus just launched in an absurd title."

[Name], Supplicant of Untamed Equilibrium - "I'm just making things up! Either I'm trying to infiltrate OR I think you are and I'm waiting to see how you respond!"