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Who Can Be Thralled?

  • Players must consent to blood bonding their PC oocly.
  • All PCs and NPCs can be blood bound to a vampire.
  • PCs and NPCs can only be fully bound to a single vampire at once.
  • Ghouls are always fully bound to their Regnant.
    • A complete blood bond does not stop a Geist from acting in their own interest apart from the blood bound Sin-Eater.
    • Blood Bonding among Kindred is heavily frowned on and considered taboo, as is sharing The Kiss. In New York City under Prince Mab, the definition of perversion includes any blood bonds between kindred outside of the sire/childe relationship, it is otherwise completely illegal.

Who Can Be Ghouled?

  • We are not allowing PC Ghouls.
  • NPC Mortals
    • Mortal+ NPCs will lose their supernatural merits when ghouled.
  • Half Splats, such as Wolf Bloods or Fae Touched can NOT be ghouled.

Who Can Be Embraced?

  • Players must consent to embracing their PC oocly.
  • Mortals
    • Mortal+ will lose their supernatural merits when embraced. They can go through SoM to get their points returned.
  • Half Splats, such as Wolf Bloods or Fae Touched can NOT be embraced.
  • Full Splats, such as Werewolves, Changelings, and Sin-Eaters, can NOT be embraced.

Hunting & Vitae

  • It's assumed all Kindred have access to at least daily vitae to sustain their Requiem unless otherwise noted for backstory or plot.
  • Once weekly a player can roll for hunting. Please note hunting grounds, herd, flock, etc.. are all presumed to be within your covenants own territory. Unaligned get direction from Seneschal Darrows for where they are to feed.
  • See the specific Dark City rules on Hunting.
  • Vitae cannot be gained from any PC aside from noted ghouls. (You may still feed from other PCs, but you do not mechanically benefit from it.)
    • To feed from any Supernatural (full splat PC or NPCs) you must take the Unnatural Affinity Merit.
  • At least one roll per month should take into account your vitae given to your ghouls.

Keep track of your Vitae, WP, and Health with the PC Tracker template.



  • No Coil of Zirnitra.
  • Vampires cannot start with Status above 2 in City or their Covenant. Ghouls cannot start with Covenant Status above 1 or any City Status.
  • Increasing City/Covenant Status after sanction requires Status Justifications.
  • We are not using Clan status.

Blood Potency

  • PCs may start with up to 3 Blood Potency in character creation, using either their free merit dots as per the book or their available XP.
  • In play, Blood Potency increases are slightly restricted. Blood Potency may only be increased by 1 point at a time, once per month. This is not retroactive, if a month goes by, you lost that opportunity.
  • Rising from 1 to 2: No justification required.
  • Rising from 2 to 3: Must have engaged in at least one plot scene.
  • Each rank above 3: Must have engaged in at least one plot scene that month. In addition to this, they must have expended vitae to heal massive damage, or used disciplines/devotions extensively, or committed diablerie, or something along those lines.
  • Lost Blood Potency due to Torpor is subject to Sanctity of Merits.


  • PCs may not learn Disciplines via Ghouls.


  • Humanity purchased does qualify for SoM if you lose it IC due to embracing, etc, but there will be a consequence of a waiting period to repurchase. If it's your first instance of rebuying Humanity you've lost, you'll have to wait 1 month. Your second instance, you'll wait 2 months and so forth. You can not gain XP for base Humanity at character creation.
  • Characters at Humanity 3 or less will be carefully watched to ensure their character's behavior is not too antagonistic, or disruptive to the themes or setting of Dark City. If a character reaches this point, there will be a discussion, and they will be give the option to purchase Humanity back to 3+ via XP, desanction, or become an NPC.

Nosferatu Clan Bane

  • When dealing with humans, treat the Nosferatu’s Humanity as two dots lower for the purpose of Social penalties, and treat any Presence and Manipulation failures as dramatic failures. This bane does not apply to interactions with Touchstones or Kindred. - For the purposes of the game, you do not suffer mechanical penalties, but Vampires and Touchstones still do not feel comfortable in your presence. Your blood still embodies fear and disgust. This should be roleplayed out and not ignored.


Tech Savvy

  • The benefits of tech savvy do not apply to weapons.



  • All players must consent to their PC having a blood bond, being ghouled, or getting embraced oocly. ICly there is allowed to be some conflict, but heavy drama, or drama that leads to antagonistic outcomes are not allowed. Please communicate between players to discuss the desired outcome of IC actions before proceeding. If you have questions please contact Staff.


  • Only one PC per player may have any of the above connections in the Vampire Sphere. If you have a thrall or a vampire, your other PC may not become any of these.

Companion Book Material

  • All materials from companion books are at ST's discretion. This list is not exclusive.
  • Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition (aka Blood & Smoke: The Strix Chronicle)
  • Secrets of the Covenants
    • No Themes in Blood Sorcery are in use.