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This is not an exhaustive list of Kindred-relevant locations, but these are certainly some of the most trafficked.


The Bathhouse

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The Bathhouse

  • Located at the very bottom of Queens is The Jacob Riis Bathhouse, part of the park and beach under the same name. Once a luxurious and symbolic building, built in 1932, it was meant to cater democratic equality among the classes, today the art deco marvel sits empty. In the 1990’s ownership was transferred to the federal Gateway National Recreation organization who planned on completely renovating the site. But after $20 million in restoration, funding dried up and the bath house was left abandoned. The windows were boarded up and the bath house started to be covered by sand dunes and weeds. In addition to the ravages of time, Hurricanes Irene and Sandy devastated the area. With vast open rooms and access to the ocean it makes an ideal location for Acolytes to perform rituals and serve their covens and covenant alike.
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The Iroquois Hotel


The Iroquois Hotel
Formerly operated by Caroline Banks, now bequeathed to Arthur Wayland by Prince Natasha, the 13th floor is a dedicated Kindred Elysium, hosting a variety of rooms. A lounge for casual meet ups, a large hall for court, private conference rooms for smaller meetings, and 20 guest rooms for Kindred in need of a place to sleep for the day. None of these are free of course, but one can rest assured that no sunlight will reach them and no mortal will happen upon an undead corpse.

  • Use of Disciplines and Devotions inside Elysium is prohibited.
  • The Elysium is for Kindred and Ghouled only. Thralled mortals may only visit the bar on the first floor.
  • Court is regularly held here in the large hall.


The Parasol Gallery


The Parasol Gallery Owned by Rhett Townsend Parasol is said to be one of the most impressive collections on the East Coast with a mixture of historical pieces and newly featured artists. Mr. Townsend himself is well known among the Art Community as a connoisseur of darker materials in all mediums, traveling near and far to seek them out and purchase them.

  • Catering to the tastes of the dark art lover, Parasol is a macabre gallery of varied mediums. While mostly paintings, there are drawings, and also a few statues.
  • Rhett can be reached in his office. The front doors are still locked so appointments must be made.
  • Some of the pieces are for sale and will be marked as such. The gallery is also happily always looking for more artists.
  • Use of Disciplines and Devotions inside Elysium is prohibited.


Hamburg Ruins



Oggie Pryor


Bought by Duchess Natasha Arroyo after a lengthy acquisitions process accomplished by her ghouls, Imani Hakim and Oggie Pryor, the Hamburg Paper Mill Ruins, or simply the Hamburg Ruins were once the site of (surprise) a paper mill in Hamburg, New Jersey.

Completed in 1874 along the Wallkill River, the paper mill flourished as an industry creating tissue paper to pack fruit. The river was dammed, creating power for the mill, which was located close to the railroad so products could easily be shipped. The mill met its demise after multiple fires and persistent flooding in the area. The large iron wheel that probably powered the mill is still nestled on the property.

Now, it has been fully repurposed as an Elysium and the base of Kindred operations inside the nascent Domain territory of Jersey City.


  • Use of Disciplines and Devotions inside Elysium is prohibited.
  • Only Kindred and Ghouls are permitted on the grounds.
  • Court is regularly held here in a large central hall.

The Terminal

The Terminal

By 1966, changing technologies, especially containerized cargo, had made this whole facility – and especially its atrium – obsolete. That year the Army Terminal was decommissioned, though it limped along with a few federal agencies continuing to occupy its cavernous spaces. In 1981, the complex was sold to New York City, and it is now a abandoned industrial park. The sub levels of which have been taken over by Pepper Morrison. Nicknamed "The Hub" or sometimes "The Server" it's sub levels act as a giant computer space where she sets up watch over the City's Social Media and News feeds. Outside of the office, there are other rooms used for various needs among the Covenant, and plenty left open and ready for use. Should Firebrands find themselves in dire straights they are welcome to slumber here, but its not recommended for a permanent residence.

The architectural highlight of the enormous Brooklyn Army Terminal is the central atrium of Building B, a space that looks unlike anything you will find in a modern warehouse or factory.

The complex is made up of two nearly-identical main buildings, the primary difference between the two is Building B’s central atrium. Freight trains could drive directly into the building and unload their cargo onto the loading docks. Two 5-ton traveling electric cranes spanned overhead, each able to move the width and length of the space on a track. Each could lower a cable that would then be attached to items unloaded from the trains. The offset balconies were designed so that this overhead crane can deposit cargo in each level and each sector of the building. Once deposited into the warehouse, cargo could be moved through the buildings by means of a network of connecting skybridges, and eventually moved down onto three enormous waterfront piers and loaded onto ships.




One of the crown jewel nightclubs in New York and operated by Duchess Natasha Arroyo, Verboten was originally founded in a former power plant building and is the unofficial capital of the underground music scene on the eastern seaboard of the US.

Doors to its mundane areas, separate from its Kindred ones, are continuously open to the public from Friday night until Monday morning, playing host to a level of debauchery that has become characteristic of the city’s nightlife, and it is notoriously difficult to gain access to.

With multiple dance halls and a complex web of VIP lounges, private rooms, rooftop accesses, and a recently-opened arthouse installation in the basement, it offers prominence, privacy, entertainment, respite, and quick meals on tap.

  • Use of Disciplines and Devotions inside Elysium is prohibited.
  • The Elysium sections are for Kindred and Ghouled only.
  • Court is regularly held here in a large underground hall.

Webster Hall


Operated by Duchess Natasha Arroyo, Webster Hall is a 40,000 sq ft nightclub and concert venue located in the East Village. It serves as a nightclub, concert venue and corporate events center. With six unique environments and a 1500 capacity performance hall on the second floor, Webster Hall routinely hosts some of the most celebrated nightlife and music in the world.

Persephone Laboratories

Persephone Laboratories is managed by it's CEO Moira Reverie and CTO Alexis Donovan. The best-in-class facility takes private research and federal contracts, attracting some of the top technicians in the United States. The building exterior is the height of modern brutalism surrounded by lush greenery, creating the feeling of secrecy and seclusion.

The lab provides exclusive services for the Kindred of New York by accepting 'Special Projects'. Persephone can provide private suites for sensitive research or access to chemicals and components that are difficult to obtain without scrutiny. The Office of the Sheriff receives these services free of charge when serving the City.


  • Science Facilities (+3 Science Workshop)
  • Medical Labs (+3 Medicine Workshop)
  • Forensics Technicians (Staff: Investigation)
  • Researchers (Staff: Science)

Church of the Good Shepherd


Church of the Good Shepherd is an Anglican/Episcopal Parish of the Diocese of New York and has been in existence for 100 years, since its inception as a preaching station on a Sunday in November, 1909.. It is a culturally-diverse and multigenerational congregation. We are a beacon of God's love and compassion, striving to spread the Gospel beyond the doors of our Church.

Underneath it is a Lancea et Sanctum sanctuary formerly run by Daniel Graham, that was open to all Kindred save the Crones. Now it is in the hands of the loyal remnants of the Lancea, particularly Mama Jackie.

1 Park Lane

1ParkLane 01.jpg

1 Park Lane

  • Located in Upper Manhattan, 1 Park Lane is the fourth largest skyscraper in the city; the crown jewel of the newly renovated Park Lane that was restored and updated after the last earthquake. A central tower alternates between commercial, professional, and residential units; some professional and commerical businesses sharing the same floor towards great efficiency and residential units mixed in among amenities such as a library, pools, a spa, and restaurants, and so on. The outside is open air gardens, designed to make the building a 'vertical urban forest', though many of the residents and businesses use the space for their own gardens. The flora has done well there, which designers partially attribute to the symbiotic relationship with harmless mites that remove the need for pesticides and a carefully formulated and maintained soil.
  • With the rest of Park Lane, 1 Park Lane has all the latest technological amenities one can imagine; from smart controls, to bleeding edge internet speeds, potent but invisible security, modular electrical grids, electro chromatic and smart glass integration, and so on. 1 Park Lane caters to the high end: professionals or gig workers looking for state of the art offices; the wealthy elite who want a modern home; or successful professionals that benefit from a closely connected network.
  • 1 Park Lane opened at full capacity, and it has a tremendous wait list since its opening. Those who are in the know will eventually come across a phone number connected to Quinn Martin.
  • For those in the know, 1 Park Lane has a strong resonance of symbiosis, with smaller resonances of creation and collaboration. This is also known as the "Plover Nest" among Ordo Dracul aware of the Wyrm's Nest.

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