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Hunting in Dark City

Please see this page for rules on how Vampires gain Vitae within Dark City; taking into account our format.

  • All Vampire PCs are considered to maintain their Vitae stores off-screen. This provides them with the 1 vitae they need to wake up each morning and they can write off the cost of blush of life.
  • Vampire PCs can make a Hunting Check once per week (via a Vampire Ticket). Players use rules from Vampire Book pg 95-96, including the list of modifiers. Vampires gain 1 Vitae per success; and an Exceptional Success fills their pool to maximum. Vampires cannot use the modifier for 'multiple vessels' or any mods based on time taken.
    • Making a Hunting Check or feeding from Herd while Hungry (3-4 Vitae Remaining) or Starving (2 or less Vitae Remaining) will evoke a Hunger Frenzy check. Failing this can result in death of the Herd with Sanctity of Merits, purchasable again at the beginning of the month following the frenzy.
  • Characters can still feed during plots at the whim of the ST of the scene.