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Hunting in Dark City

Please see this page for rules on how Vampires gain Vitae within Dark City; taking into account our format.

The Rack: Manhattan IN FEAST (9A on Hunting Rolls)
Contender: Staten Island

  • All Vampire PCs are considered to maintain their Vitae stores off-screen. This provides them with the 1 vitae they need to wake up each morning -- and nothing extra.
  • Vampire PCs can make a Hunting Check once per week (via a Vampire Ticket). Players use rules from Vampire Book pg 95-96, including the list of modifiers. Vampires gain 1 Vitae per success; and an Exceptional Success fills their pool to maximum. Vampires cannot use the modifier for 'multiple vessels' or any mods based on time taken. The Rack is defined below.
    • Making a Hunting Check while Hungry (3-4 Vitae Remaining) or Starving (2 or less Vitae Remaining) will evoke a Hunger Frenzy check.
  • Characters can still feed during plots at the whim of the ST of the scene.
  • Ghoul PCs only gain Vitae when they are fed by a Vampire PC or NPC feeds them (removing Vitae from their Tracker for the Ghoul to add to theirs).

The Rack

The Rack refers to the part of the city that is the most flush with blood, the place where hunting comes most easily. This title is in constant flux as vampires take actions to improve their territory or hinder the territory of another.

  • New York is split into five territories (boroughs) that are each owned by a Covenant. Each borough will have a tally of 'Effort', and the borough with the highest Effort will be The Rack. The second highest will be the 'Contender.'
  • Effort totals will not be public knowledge. The Rack and the Contender will be public knowledge. Characters can attempt Downtime Actions towards investigating Effort totals or Effort contributions. ​
  • Effort is gained when a Vampire Sphere character (PC or NPC) applies a Social Merit towards this task. This requires a Downtime Action and a Social Merit; this will make that merit unusable for 30 days. The dots in that social merit are added directly to the Effort total for that borough.
    • A specific Social Merit can only be used once towards the Effort of a specific borough. In the case of Merits that grant temporary social merits per unit of time, the base Merit can still be only applied to Effort once.
    • The Prince will be able to apply 5 free points of Effort to a Borough; The Seneschal gets 3 free points of effort.
    • Effort applied by a character that then becomes Inactive will be removed from the totals.
  • Effort is removed from a borough when a Vampire Sphere character (PC or NPC) applies a Social Merit towards tearing down another borough. This requires being aware of the source of that borough's Effort, and the Downtime Action must directly counter this, as well as using a Social Merit (that will become unusable for 30 days). eg: John is interested in tearing down Manhattan. He is unaware of how much Effort Manhattan has or where it came from by default. He either needs to do some research to get a lead -- or make a guess. John guesses the Invictus have dumped Resources into Manhattan, and uses his Allies (Protestors) to start making a mess and generally bringing down property value. If correct, John's Allies (Protestors) are removed from the Effort total of Manhattan and John loses access to Allies (Protestors) for 30 days. If John guesses incorrectly, they just lose access to Allies (Protestors) for 30 days.
    • When Effort is removed from a borough, the source of the original Effort is informed, and can take further actions to re-apply their Effort (if desired).
  • The Rack provides a +2 to all Hunting Checks within that borough. If The Rack has a 5+ Effort point lead over the Contender, the Rack also provides 9A on Hunting Checks (upgraded to 8-Again if the target already has 9-Again). If this is in effect, it will be clearly stated.