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Vampire Sphere rules for custom materials

  • 1- You may develop or join a custom bloodline. For more information, see: Custom Bloodlines Approval Guide
  • 2- You may develop your own custom devotion. Unless specifically noted, custom devotions are unique to their creator, and unavailable to others.
  • 3- Each covenant has its own slice of special powers, you may develop one custom power in the vein appropriate to your covenant. Sorceries for Lancea/Circle, Scales for Ordo, Laws for Carthians, or Oaths for Invictus. If you are a part of multiple covenants, you may still only have one custom power and it must fit with one of the covenants you have appropriate status with.
  • 4- You may have custom items crafted as per the normal rules server-wide. No splat-specific enhancements are available from or to the outside, but they're interchangeable within the sphere. (So Lynx can make cool stuff for other vampires, but not for mortals, and changelings can't give you any of their neat stuff). For more information, see: Crafting System
  • 5- You may have a custom Mask or Dirge, which you may work out with the Vampire ST during character creation.

You may have one of each as pertaining to #1-3, but only one at character creation, and new custom bloodlines cannot be made in character creation.

For #4, you may choose to have one at character creation instead of a different power or bloodline, and you may gain 1 more each month, though there is no retroactive clause there. If a month goes by without such a purchase, you simply lose your opportunity.

For clarity on crafting things, it is the recipient of the item who is restricted to one per month. A crafter may make as many in a month as there are 'customers', so long as those customers have not already received their allotted item. You can buy a 'stack' of the exact same custom item if you want to have some to hand out to others during plots (like a set of comm headsets), but this counts as your one item for the month, and there is no way to stack the bonuses between said items, and you may not buy a stack of, for example, throwing knives you intend to personally use all at once. You must also be able to afford the availability of the item. All expenses come from the crafter and it is up to them to work out with their customers how to recoup those costs, subject to some oversight so that I know where the resources are coming from, etc.

None of the rulings I have posted here supersede any rulings made in other splats and all are subject to change to conform to server-wide standards.

Custom content in the vampire sphere is divided into two groups: Generally Available, and Unique. Generally Available custom content is available to anyone who meets the prerequisites and criteria involved. Unique content is only available to its creator, excepting when it necessarily must be purchased by others with the creator's approval.

Generally Available Custom Content

Invictus Oaths

Oath of Disclosure (•)

This Oath features as a foundation for many interactions both in between Invictus, and in between different covenants, although one participant must be Invictus.

Effect: The vassal, who purchases this merit, swears to provide a service or swears not to commit a certain act, the provisions of which may be as detailed as the participants like. If the vassal breaks this Oath, the liege automatically knows. This knowledge is instant and clear: they know that the Oath has been broken at the moment it is broken, and they have a watercolor awareness of the conditions under which it was violated, such as where and who was around and what transpired. Breaking the Oath also removes this Oath from vassal's sheet and is subject to Sanctity of Merits.

This Oath costs 1 experience to learn.

This Oath has been added to the general pool of available Invictus Oaths. Anyone who qualifies may purchase it without it counting as one of their custom oaths.

Created by Pax

The Blood Oath of the Anointed Vassal ••

Prerequisites: Invictus Status •

This Oath is usually sworn by an Invictus, usually a soldier or a knight, although any position may take it, to another high-ranking member of the First Estate. The vassal spends one point of Vitae to ink their signature in their own blood and swears to be the sword and executor of their liege, and in so doing wields the supernatural authority of their liege when acting at their behest. It is considered a high but dangerous honor to take a Blood Oath, as the consequences for breaking one can be tremendous.

Effect: The Anointed Vassal can add their liege's Invictus or City status, whichever is greater, to a roll when they are acting at the instruction of the liege. It costs nothing to invoke this benefit and can be used once per scene, but only when acting under instruction. When other Kindred of the Court try to consciously undermine you while acting at your liege's behest, they suffer that same dice pool as a penalty. If a Clash of Wills is provoked against the Oath, the vassal rolls a pool of the liege's Blood Potency + higher of Invictus or City status.

Drawback: The Blood Oath requires a text written in the blood of the Kindred swearing. This blood remains fresh until the Oath is resolved, broken, or the swearing Kindred suffers Final Death. In addition, if the swearer violates the Oath, he immediately takes a number of points of lethal damage equal to the liege's Invictus or City Status, whichever is greater, and loses the same amount of Vitae. The damage is caused as the Kindred’s own blood forms into jagged shards and cuts its way out of the foresworn body. (A Kindred with insufficient, or no, Vitae remaining still takes the full damage, but cannot lose more Vitae than he has.) There is no resistance roll allowed, as the Kindred voluntarily took on the Oath. Violating this Oath also breaks it.

In cases where commands given conflict with the neutrality that the Oath of the True Knight demands, the Knight must clash with BP + Invictus status against their Liege's BP + greater of City or Invictus Status. On success, they break the Blood Oath of the Anointed Vassal immediately and avoid the damage or loss of Vitae that would normally follow. On Failure, they must choose to either break and lose the Oath of the True Knight by following through with the command, or break the Blood Oath of the Anointed Vassal anyway, and take all of the normal consequences of doing so.

This Oath costs 2 experience points, which the Vassal pays.

This Oath has been added to the general pool of available Invictus Oaths. Anyone who qualifies may purchase it without it counting as one of their custom oaths.

Created by Pax

Unique Custom Content


Scale of Cleansing

Prerequisite Coils: Taste of Fealty

Procedure: The Dragon prepares a potion made with the Dragon's blood, animal sinew, and the subject of the addiction. The potion must be used in the same manner as the addiction.

  • If it must be smoked, then it must be rendered down, drained, dried, and then smoked.
  • If it must be drunk, it must be heated until boiling and then they must drink it at the highest temperature they can stand.
  • If it must be injected, then it must be boiled, strained and then they must inject it in multiple sites around the body.

Regardless of the method used, once all of the potion is inside the body the subject begins to get violently ill. They begin to vomit up a black viscous substance that turns to ash within seconds of leaving the body. The longer they have been subject to the addiction, the longer they vomit the substance up.

Outcome: This process is repeated once for every addiction the subject has. Each time roll a number of dice equal to the Dragon’s Coil of the Voivode. Success on any roll permanently removes the addiction. Despite the inclusion of the Dragon’s Vitae, it does not create a bond towards the Dragon.

Created by David8029

Sleep Like the Living

Prerequisite Coil: Shedding the Beast’s Skin

Procedure: Before entering Daysleep, the Kindred must daub their eyes with a point of vitae each and successfully Meditate. Outcome: For that night, she will sleep (and recover willpower) as the living do. Absent the torpor dreams that keep a vampire’s mind active rather than restful, any attempts to wake from daysleep will suffer a penalty equal to 10 - Humanity. Any checks taken within an hour of waking will suffer an identical penalty due to the jarring transition between dreams and unlife.

Created by Crepebataard

Feast for Famine

Prerequisite Coils: Taste of Fealty

Typically stored blood loses potency for Kindred, meaning long term survival in lean times is difficult when hunting is scarce. This Scale allows the Defiant to collect and store blood long past its expiration.

Procedure: With their own vitae and a mix of trace chemicals (blood thinners, anticoagulants, aspirin, etc) the Dragon prepares storage containers to store collected blood. Over the course of an hour, the Dragon rolls Composure + Medicine/Science, and spends one vitae to treat a number of vessels equal to success rolled. The vitae used in this procedure acts as a preservative, becoming inert and does not form a bond.

Outcome: The stored blood will last at full potency equal to the Dragon's Blood Potency Rating in months. After which the blood becomes rancid and unpalatable.

Created by Nbdyhome

Cruac Rites

The Scarlet Dynasty •••••

Prerequisites: Cruac •••••
Target Successes: 10
This Cruac rite binds two Kindred together in a powerful union, where their collective capabilities are shared. Marriage is an ancient contract, often sacred, often political. This rite consecrates something that is both more base and divine - the intermingling of the Beasts of two Kindred. Though the rite is not well known, those from other Covenants who have witnessed it often derisively call it ‘la petite amaranth’ - the little diablerie.

Effect: One participant must be a member of the Circle of the Crone; the other does not. The character performing the rite may be one of the participants. As part of the rite, both characters must swear vows, both promising certain actions, and promising certain prohibitions. They then feed from each other, taking part of their partner’s soul into them. Participating in this rite is a Breaking Point at Humanity 4 (see Vampire: The Requiem, p. 107). Upon completing this rite, both characters enjoy a series of benefits.

• If one of the characters does not have Status in the Circle of the Crone, they gain the Chorister Merit (see Secrets of the Covenants, p. 181). In this case the character with Status in the Circle of the Crone gets one dot of status in their counterpart's primary Covenant.

• When one character performs a Crúac ritual that affects themselves, their partner may spend one Vitae to also gain the rite's effects. Once per Chapter, a character may perform a Crúac rite that their partner possesses but that they do not. The character uses their own dice pool for the rite.

• If one character has a superior Blood Potency to the other’s, the lesser gains a dot of Blood Potency. If the superior character wishes, he can sacrifice additional points to “gift” the lesser additional dots. These are not refunded so long as the gift remains.

• Each character receives the Devotions that the other has. Devotions that come from a bloodline or custom content do not apply.

• Both characters are considered family, with blood sympathy at one-step removed (see Vampire: The Requiem, p. 98).

• Both characters are considered under the effects of a third stage blood bond (see Vampire: The Requiem, p. 100). This abolishes any other bonds, no matter the stage at the time the Oath was sworn. It prevents any other bonds from taking place.

• Each character receives the banes that their partner has (see Vampire: The Requiem, p. 108). Banes earned from Humanity loss make each partner unable to lose Humanity from the corresponding breaking point. A character may have more than three banes in this way.

• Both characters receive +1 to each of their Power Attributes and choose from the Cutthroat, Enticing, or Atrocious merits.

• As characters increase in traits through play, reassess the couple’s ratings, and adjust accordingly.

If one character betrays their partner such that it would constitute a Breaking Point or otherwise break their vows, they lose access to any traits affected by this rite (from either side). Their Blood Potency becomes 1. Any affected Devotions fade entirely. The partner’s traits do not fade, however; indeed, with Experience, they may be made permanent. They lose all Willpower points, and cannot regain them until the partner has forgiven their transgressions.

The effects of the ritual are permanent, though there are legends of very powerful Crones possessing such sorcery that they can sever even the mixing of two Beasts. The ritual may only allow for the union of two characters, and is mutually exclusive with any other similar unions such as the Oath of Matrimony. If either character has a conflicting arrangement such as being immune to blood bonds, the ritual fails for both. The terms of the marriage should be spelled out when it is purchased, so that any breaches can realistically be handled.

This ritual costs 5 experience to learn. Any beneficiary of the ritual must also purchase it for 5 experience, but does not need to meet the Cruac prerequisite.

Created by Caffiend


Claridad (Auspex ••, Celerity ••, Obfuscate ••)

The vampire dispels or suppresses all mind-altering effects upon himself or a subject, achieving total clarity for a short time.

Cost: None (1 Vitae, optional)
Requirement: Used on another, the vampire must feed the subject a point of Vitae.
Dice Pool: Wits + Subterfuge + Obfuscate vs. Resolve + Blood Potency (if unwilling)
Action: Contested; resistance is reflexive
Duration: Scene

Roll Results Success: The vampire clears a mind of outside influence. This works on both mundane mind-altering substances, such as alcohol or drugs, as well as supernatural effects like Obfuscate or Majesty, though those provoke a Clash of Wills.

Claridad can even suppress the false-love of the Vinculum, but only at the first and second steps (this even applies to any blood bonds formed using this Devotion). Any supernatural attempts to further alter the subject’s mind becomes a Clash of Wills, and consuming mind-altering/addictive substances or Vitae has no effect, although they might remain in the subject’s system. When this Devotion provokes a Clash, the vampire using Claridad may spend 1 Vitae to benefit from the rote quality on the roll.

At four dots, when the Claridad user successfully resists such an ability either through the normal roll or through a successful clash, they may spend a willpower to backlash the effect back onto the aggressor and become immune to the ability for the rest of the scene.

Any effect with a longer duration than Claridad resumes when this Devotion expires.

Exceptional Success: As above, but protection lasts for the session and grants +3 to Resolve or Composure based rolls for the remainder of the scene.

Failure: The subject’s mind is too clouded, and the vampire fails to cleanse it.

Dramatic Failure: Rather than empowering her subject’s brain, the vampire weakens it instead. He gains the Confused Condition.

This devotion costs 2 experience to learn, or 4 experience for the upgraded version.

Created by Pax

Healing Embrace (Resilience ••, Protean ••)

By turning their physical Disciplines inward, the Kindred is able to fuel the vitae meant for the embrace into their would-be Childe.

Cost: 1+ Vitae
Dice Pool: None
Action: Reflexive
Duration: Scene
The embrace is a transformative experience and with the right touch, practitioners of this devotion can make it a healing experience. Not without a price though, paid in pain and blood. The sire may choose to heal their would-be childe during the embrace by spending blood, in excess of that needed for the transformation, to heal wound levels as if they were the sire’s own.

This doesn’t only apply to fresh wounds, long healed injuries may be reopened and healed in this fashion though it proves for an excruciating experience. The wounds must be reopened using Protean claws. This devotion can only take place during embrace.

This devotion costs 2 experience to learn.

Created by Muse

Memory Lash (Auspex ••••)

Setting aside subtlety, the vampire turns the subject’s own memories against them in a disorienting wave of jumbled recollections and phantom sensations.

Cost: None
Dice Pool: None
Action: Reflexive
Duration: Instant
Memory Lash upgrades the effects of Lay Open the Mind, allowing the vampire to inflict the Insensate Tilt in place of uncovering a memory. The victim of the Insensate Tilt is always aware this comes from a foreign source, though they cannot identify the source (unless the vampire chooses to be identifiable).

This devotion costs 2 experience to learn.

Created by Crepe

Mythic Sorcery (Auspex •, Celerity •, Crúac •+, Special)

The vampire is capable of amazing feats of sorcery, achieving in moments what takes others hours.

Cost: +1 Vitae
Dice Pool: None
Action: Reflexive
Duration: As Affected Ritual

This Devotion is purchased to specifically apply to a single Crúac ritual the Kindred already knows. When performing that ritual, the Kindred may activate this Devotion by spending a point of vitae. If they do, their next roll for Crúac takes one turn, instead of the usual time. The acolyte may activate this Devotion in successive turns until the ritual is completed or abandoned.

This Devotion costs Experiences equal to half the rating of the specified ritual, rounded up.

Created by Caffiend

Prestissimo (Quicken Sight, Auspex •, Celerity •)

Celerity is capable of imparting extraordinary speed unto its users, and when combined with Auspex, the mind is able to move as quickly as the body. Most kindred utilize this to explosively trade vitae for short bursts of alacrity and singularly incredible feats of speed. Prestissimo is more of a controlled burn of that vitae, spreading a smaller enhancement to their speed and coordination over a longer period of time.

Cost: Vitae equal to Celerity Dots
Dice Pool: None
Action: Reflexive
Duration: Scene

For the rest of the scene, the kindred is unable to utilize the active effects of Celerity, but adds their Celerity to their Dexterity for all intents and purposes.

This devotion costs 2 experience to learn.

Created by Keller

Invictus Oaths

Oath of the Lucid Domain ••

Prerequisites: City Status or Invictus Status •••, Dream Visions Merit

This mystical power of Invictus Oaths swears an Invictus to service of their Domain. She vows profound service the needs of the Domain, and in exchange, she becomes attuned to the white noise of the collective unconscious. Simply by closing her eyes, she can pluck fleeting glimpses of a target's dreams and gain insight.

Effect: The character swears the Oath upon taking a position, be it an Invictus position, or a neutral domain position. From that point forward, once a night, the vampire can sift through the dreamscape and study a sleeper within her city. If the target is a supernatural being with mental defenses, a Clash of Wills occurs and the Invictus applies their Invictus status as a bonus to the roll. The vampire learns his full name and gains the Informed Condition with regard his dreams and desires, though the Condition does not grant a Beat on resolution. The Invictus has a rough idea of where her victim is resting, and if she meets him, she can immediately identify him. If she spends a Vitae at activation, she can also ask a question about the victim with Uncanny Perception. Sifting through the dreamscape takes only a few minutes, but the Invictus is insensate for that time, and loses all Defense.

This Oath costs 2 experience to learn.

Created by Pax



A daredevil isn't satisfied with a comfortable life. She needs to be close to ruin or death to feel alive, and so seeks out risk for risk's sake even at the cost of others.
Single: Take a risky or dangerous path when there is a safer alternative.
All: Risk final death as a foreseeable result of your own choices.

Created by Blight

Theban Sorcery

The Livian Eucharist •••

Target number of successes: 6
Sacrament: One sealed liquid container
The ritualist prepares a cask, bottle, or other similar container with the blessings of Livia in order to preserve the blood contained within. The blood inside keeps for one week before rotting, blessed but otherwise inert. Any who drink of the blood from within must make a Blood Potency roll. Upon success, they gain the Steadfast condition. The blood within the container loses its vitality in a few minutes of exposure to open air. The container and all remaining vitae within withers away within a week.

The Eucharist can affect animal or human blood collected from herd or applicable hunting rolls, or vitae expended by the vampire. Each is only as satisfying as it would normally be to the kindred who consume it, and the Eucharist does nothing to suppress the vinculum or vitae addiction if such is utilized.

Created by Nicklaus