Vampire/Custom Material

From Dark City

Coil Of Voivode Scales

Scale of Cleansing

Prerequisite Coils: Taste of Fealty

Procedure: The Dragon prepares a potion made with the Dragon's blood, animal sinew, and the subject of the addiction. The potion must be used in the same manner as the addiction.

  • If it must be smoked, then it must be rendered down, drained, dried, and then smoked.
  • If it must be drunk, it must be heated until boiling and then they must drink it at the highest temperature they can stand.
  • If it must be injected, then it must be boiled, strained and then they must inject it in multiple sites around the body.

Regardless of the method used, once all of the potion is inside the body the subject begins to get violently ill. They begin to vomit up a black viscous substance that turns to ash within seconds of leaving the body. The longer they have been subject to the addiction, the longer they vomit the substance up.

Outcome: This process is repeated once for every addiction the subject has. Each time roll a number of dice equal to the Dragon’s Coil of the Voivode. Success on any roll permanently removes the addiction. Despite the inclusion of the Dragon’s Vitae, it does not create a bond towards the Dragon.

Created By: David8029