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Bloodlines are refinements or evolutions to a Kindred's condition and curse. The blood twists and warps into something altogether, focusing them into a new kind of monster. Bloodlines are why Kindred fear strangers; you never know how their curse has twisted them, or what rituals, requirements, or indulgences their Beast demands.

  • A vampire can join the Bloodline of their Sire at Blood Potency 1. Note: This only includes Sires that are functioning NPCs/PCs in NYC. This does not include Sires that exist only within the context of a character's background.
  • A vampire can join any Bloodline available to their Clan at Blood Potency 2 by tapping into the depths of their past lineage.
  • A vampire at Blood Potency 6 can be the Originator of their Bloodline. This is only important for story reasons, and does not impact the process of 'custom bloodlines.'
  • A vampire can only join a bloodline if they have engaged in a plot scene run by an ST or PRP at ST discretion. Bloodlines take extra care and effort from ST's and in return we expect participation and effort from players who want them.
  • Ghouls cannot join any Bloodlines.

All Bloodlines gain access to four in-clan disciplines; two of which must be in-clan for the Parent Clan and no more than two can be Disciplines unique to one clan (eg: Auspex, Majesty, Dominate, Protean, Nightmare). Bloodlines also gain an additional Bane to reflect how their curse has evolved. Bloodlines gain access to a Gift, a unique power available to the Bloodline, and access to five Devotions.

Approved Bloodlines

  • Kerberos (Gangrel) - The Watchdogs have mastered lashing out with the Beast, to spectacular effect.
  • Khaibit (Mekhet) - The Asps are masters of shadow and ancient defenders against the Strix.
  • Lynx (Mekhet) - The Chained can see how everything is connected, and learn how to control the aspects of the 'network'.
  • Mara (Gangrel) - The Sirens will lure you to a watery grave, when you're no longer of use to them.
  • Melissidae (Ventrue) - The Queen Bees always have a place for you in their hive, so long as you're willing to serve.
  • Nelapsi (Daeva) - The Locusts have a nightmarish thirst beyond that of other kindred, and are a poignant reminder that Awe is a mixture of wonder and fear.
  • Spina (Daeva) (Invictus) - The Knights take etiquette to extreme levels, and have the puissance to enforce it.
  • Toreador (Daeva) - The Patrons have their finger on the pulse of art and culture, and with it, on humanity itself.

Characters are welcome to create their own custom Bloodlines, including updating versions from 1e or from Storyteller Vault. Regardless of where the inspiration comes from, all custom Bloodlines must go through a custom approval process. All custom Bloodlines must fit into the template provided and will only be considered if there are two PCs interested in the content. Due to the size of Dark City, and the amount of custom content that goes with each Bloodline approval, we simply cannot spend time balancing mechanics for individual Bloodlines. It is also not the intent or design for every character in the game to have their own unique Bloodline.

Visit our Custom Bloodlines Approval Guide for instructions and tips on submitting a successful Bloodline Request.