Valerie Williams

From Dark City

Valerie is a woman full of confidence, she knows what to do in any particular situation and does it to the best of her abilities. She can take on anything at least once and most likely she would do it again and again. She is not one to shy away from any physical sports nor anything regarding medicine or the study of the human anatomy. She is a person that does not know when to quit, the perfect ally or your most annoying enemy.

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RP Hooks
Doctor at Best, and Worst

She is fascinated with medicine and the human anatomy. She takes her knowledge of medicine very seriously and will always try her best when it comes to treating anybody injured. She has skirted the law more than once to help a sick or injured patient.

Supernatural is something occult to her Until Recently, she always tried to enjoy life because she has only one. However what will happen when she finds out all about the other side the of the world, and that Death is only the beginning in that world?

Parkour Through the City New York has a lot of high rise buildings and a lot of challenges to a practitioner of parkour, what else could she ask for? The feeling of risking her life is as exciting as curing someone who was at deaths door.

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Valerie Williams

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Name: Valerie Williams

Pronouns: Her
Age: 27
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 120 lbs
Occupation: Trauma Surgeon

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Played By: Hellal