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Valentine is the definition of the phrase "pretty boy" with his messy hair and his soft features, he usually wears a variety of clothing and aesthetic ranging from casual to minimalistic while also having a tendency to go barefoot. The only constant being the color pink in some form on his clothing

He is usually upbeat and tends to change his demeanor depending on his comfort level or intimacy with other people, ranging from flirty to shy and quiet. He's overall a very romantic person, daydreaming about romance and relationships and gaining the occasional crush on someone. Which his Clan's nature isn't helping.

He's also a spiritual person, believing that only though the relinquishing of societal norms and self-placed limitations can someone be truly happy and free. He tends to keep this part quiet less the Prince get the wrong idea about his goals.

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RP Hooks
F is for Friends Whether he wants backup in case others get fed up with him or he just wants friends to help him get though unlife Valentine wants to establish connections and allies. He tends to do so by offering his help in any way, though uses of Majesty or Crúac or just mundane advice and a place to crash

LGBTQ+ Valentine is gay and while he used to be in the closet, he's become much more open about his sexuality since moving to New York. He tends to gravitate towards other LGBTQ+ people

Gardener of Eden He was planning on studying Botany and Horticulture at whatever school would accept him. After his Embrace however he's decided to blend his plant and occult knowledge to create new Mandragora. He's cultivated a relatively small garden of them thanks to a mixture of water, nutrients and Vitae he's been using and is fiercely protective of it. But he is willing to allow friendly visitors access to the Garden, whether to share the naturally grown Vitae or to simply observe

You're a Wizard While still learning the basics Valentine is becoming a practitioner of Crúac and is overall learning more about the occult. He's also been seen observing some pagan traditions and holidays. Rumors have it that he's even learning how to prophesize and see the future and he's willing to do it for almost anyone...provided they present a worthy offering to him

"Bloody" Valentine Usually Valentine used to spend most of his time inside learning more about his new state, feeding from his Garden or from mortals the Circle occasionally bring him, however lately he's been seen hunting on his own with the aid of Majesty and his natural charm

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Valentine Velour
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Name: Valentine Velour (V.V for short).

Pronouns: He/Him

Apparent Age: Early/Mid 20's

Clan: Daeva

Public Effects: Status 1 (Circle of the Crone)

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Played By: Monkubs