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Morality is for those who have the time to sit around all day and whine about how unethical wealth is, I don't have to time to for those complaints. Every word I speak is worth more than your rent and I get paid on the hour.

Appearance: It's the tattoo that catches the eye first, a massive black widow sitting right on her throat, flowers that curl around her neck and down her back. The wild shock of curly salt and pepper hair, tight ringlets making the sun bleached white fade quickly to black. Val is an intense woman with an air of superiority that could be cut with a knife and the longer you look at her the more you're sure that's exactly what she's going to do to you. It feels like every unhappy Thanksgiving, ever uncomfortable Christmas, every silence in the air after a bad joke all rolled into one moment and targeted right at you. "You've failed. You're unworthy. You should feel ashamed of that" that little voice in the back of your mind says, "Everything you do is worthless, you should have stayed home"

Personality: A black widow has more heart.

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RP Hooks
  • Lonely Extrovert: Slowly but surely building a reputation, Val is not a kind person. She's not even nice. The extremely intimidating woman haunts the backrooms of Elysiums and social functions like an insect. Her intensity only matched by the giant of a woman on her right.

  • Iris and Alexander: This pair of ghouls act as Valentia's liaisons into the world. Iris is a tall nearly seven foot woman with big golden retriever energy who's always somehow getting away with things she shouldn't. Her large size can be intimidating and the dark suits she wears don't help but she's very excited to talk about her interests, namely her own brand of mixed martial arts and Lancea et Sanctum the order she has hopes of joining if Embraced. Alexander is not as tall as his two companions and is shy nature often makes him fade into the background. He's a very sweet young man but has gained a nervous twitch and a fear of kindred so strong that he cannot attend spaces with more than two kindred at a time. He's expressed a love of studying Vitae, bloodlines and the occult but after an accident that left him scarred and fighting for his life any hopes he had of a future with Ordo have been dashed.

  • Let the Law work for you: Valentine is also a criminal defense attorney, for Charlotte, Gold and Web. Not the small stuff anymore, lord no, Medical Malpractice these days and, for the right clientele, Corporate - if you'll pay enough for it. Val works with the Law but doesn't serve it, she couldn't care less about the truth of the matter.

  • Treads of Contact: She's been around the block in a few circles. Valentina is aligned with the Invictus in the same way any bad Lawyer is aligned with the law. It exists to be used but isn't always the most effective tools in the toolbox. The Nosferatu has interests in Lancea et Sanctum and Ordo with philosophical and academic curiosity respectively and is more ingratiated with the Carthian Movement and Circle of Crone though her interests in one are far more acute than the other.

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Valentina Hawthorne

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Full Name: Valentina Hawthorne
Pronouns: Hah!
Age: Do you want to guess~?
Height: 6'4
  • Gossip
  • Lawyer for Charlotte, Gold & Web
Public Effects:
  • Striking Looks "Adjudicator"
  • Status: City (1)
  • Status: Lawyer (2)
  • Status: Capitalist (1)
  • Retainer: Iris, Chauffer
  • Status (Invictus): 2
  • (Carthian | Casual User)
  • (Circle of the Crone | Chorister)
Clan: Nosferatu

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