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Taken by the Harlequin, she once was a childless person who hated the idea of ever having children. She wanted nothing to do with them, having grown up in a family too full of them in her opinion. So Harlequin found it fitting to make her a child's plaything, tasking her with her former skills in repairing things to fix herself up the best she could with whatever materials provided... but never providing enough for her to be fully whole. A broken plaything, well-beloved and cared for.

Even still, she tries find beauty in everything, no matter how ugly others might call it.. for she is just ugly inside as her own captors and the horrible things of the world in her mind. Why would she be tossed aside otherwise?

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RP Hooks
Hook 1: She can often be found hanging out in Victory Hall, chugging a beer with the people there

Hook 2: Her favourite way to unwind is to play music, something she ended up picking up from the music box she was placed beside.

Hook 3: Sometimes she hangs out near the Hedge Gates, looking for new changelings.

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Val Rin/Gallery

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Val Rin

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Name: Val Rin

Nickname: "Why the fuck would you give me a nickname?"

Mantle: 1 Dot, carries with her a faint feeling og a warm breeze.

Court: Summer

Seeming: Wizened

Kith: Playmate

Concept: Regretful Caretaker

Needle: Composer

Thread: Hate

Touchstone: Best Friend

Mask: Very cute like a doll, her eye is brown and her joints are visibly knobbly. Extremely pale skin and seems almost allergic to the sun.

Mien: Her joints are jointed as a doll, her body made of porcelain and her eye is genuinely missing.

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Played By: User:Hangetsu-hime