Used Faceclaims

From Dark City

This is where you can find which faceclaims, be they actors, models, musicians, athletes and what have you, have already been claimed. It's handy if you don't want to double up but don't want to go through all the active character pages to find out if your pick's already been pulled out of the hat.

These tables at the beginning are dynamically generated from templates on character pages; see Template:Played by to add yourself here. If you're added in these tables, it's usually safe to remove your self from the older ones, farther below!

Active Characters

Character name Model name Image
Full Name none
Kyler Caulfield-Brooks Alex Hogh Anderson none
Bellamy Frost Alice Eve BellamyFrost.jpg
Emilia Belmonte Amelia Rami none
Full Name Andre Hamann none
Butch Mitchem Andre Rush none
Eleanor Mei Brantley Anya Taylor-Joy x32px
Aaron Halifax Atesh Salih none
Full Name Beatriz Mariano none
Chance Cunningham Ben Barnes none
Anita Santiago Carrina Vargas none
Christopher Paige Chris Mason none
Quinn Tolliver Cillian Murphy none
Alexander White Cillian Murphy none
Barry Gill Created with none
Adam Vispera Daniel Radcliffe none
Marcus Caulfield-Brooks Darren Criss Mcb3.jpg
Natasha Arroyo Doja Cat none
Nathan Bajek Domonique Melchior none
Zoe St. Clair Emblu ZoeStClair.jpg
Lucinda Du Pont Emma Roberts none
Simon Orland Eric Belander none
Robin Elise Weiss Evan Rachel Wood none
Full Name Fiona Nova none
Hazel Hughes Freya Mavor none
Mason Kent Gavin Leatherwood none
Cameron Butler Greg Titian none
Mikoto Mishida Im Jin-ah none
Miranda Belmont Jennifer Connelly x32px
Eris Voltaire Jessica Stam none
Sierra Roen Kate Siegel SierraRoen.jpg
Vivienne "Vi" Venturi Ksenia Solo none
Max Graham Lucas Bernardini none
Roman Astakhov Lucky Blue Smith none
Full Name Lukian Damikoff none
Full Name Madelaine Petsch none
Keaton Miller Maggie Duran none
Full Name Maja Strojek none
Razvan Costea Mats van Snippenberg none
Horace Santos Matthew McConaughey none
Maude Tremblay Melanie Scrofano none
Abigail Simmons Michele Alves AbigailSimmons.jpg
Veda Rivera Monique Alice Bourscheid VedaRivera1.jpg
Full Name Noomi Rapace none
Full Name Patrick Marcelino none
Claude Salazar Reeve Carney x32px
Zahira bint Khalida El Hachmi Samira Mahboub Zahira12.jpg
Full Name See photos none
Dr Eli Dupree Stephen Lang none
Yuna Harada Suzu Hirose none
Full Name Teddy Quinlivan none
Full Name This Person Does Not Exist none
Michael Avery Tom Hardy none
Karen Smith Toni Collette none
Franklin Kirby Unknown none
Full Name Vanessa Hudgens none
Raymond Massey Vincent Von Thien none
Jameson Chow William Chan none
He Junwei (Alex) Xiaoming Huang none
Elena Van Baer Your Faceclaim none
Full Name Your Faceclaim none
Maximilian Del Piero Your Faceclaim none
Full Name Your Faceclaim none
Kyle Simmons Zach McGowan none
Fenton Haywood edward3s none
Full Name pjcooltomasi none

Inactive Characters

Character name Model name Image
Viktorija Kovacich none
Gunnar Barlowe none
Erik Samuelson Aaron Tveit ESam1.jpg
Alice Hale Alice Vink none
Elizabeth Sage Animated none
Victor Bell Armie Hammer none
Full Name Asima Sefic none
Vanessa Jackson Elissa Bibaud Vanessaportrait.jpg
Fiona Reid Gabriela Bertante none
Thelonious Absalom Magellan Trismegistus|Theo Trismegistus Jeff Goldblum none
Full Name M. Blackburn/nonbinate none
Andrew Hoffman Shawn Pyfrom none
Full Name Your Faceclaim none
Full Name Your Faceclaim none
Feng so Yun Your Faceclaim none
Ian Hale Zac Efron none