Used Faceclaims

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This is where you can find which faceclaims, be they actors, models, musicians, athletes and what have you, have already been claimed. It's handy if you don't want to double up but don't want to go through all the pages to find out if your pick's already been pulled out of the hat.

These tables at the beginning are dynamically generated from templates on character pages.

Active Characters

Character name Model name Image
[[Rakesh Baig|]] none
Full Name Apple Blanca none
Sean Sullivan David Gandy none
Natasha Arroyo Doja Cat Natasha1.jpg
Zoe St. Clair Emblu ZoeStClair.jpg
Sakura Takahashi Erika Ishii none
Sierra Roen Kate Siegel SierraRoen.jpg
Ariel Reines Michele Alves File:AbigailSimmons.jpg
Ruthie Romero Monique Alice Bourscheid File:VedaRivera1.jpg
Daniel Bowen Nicholas Hoult none
Ashley Grant Silverwood Sean Opry none
Fenton Haywood edward3s none

Inactive Characters

Character name Model name Image
Hector Ramirez Andrew Matarazzo none
Elizabeth Sage Animated none
Maddie Wesson Unknown none