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The Living

She was about average height all things being equal, 5'4 in flats but since her newfound lease of life she would usually wear heels to make herself taller. Probably more meat on her bones than your average ballerina.

At some point she had a natural hair colour, although she affected a subtle honey blonde as a dancer and since her freedom she has run every shade in the gamut without ever returning to her blonde. She wore her hair long, often having it in braids of pigtails because why can't a grown-ass woman have girlish hair styles?

As far as her dress sense goes, it is variable as the wind blows. There's no denying she had a love of gothic couture but she was not averse to forays into pastels or brights. Her dress sense was as mercurial as her mood. The most permanent thing about her appearance? Copious amounts of tattoos.

The Dead

A rather average looking man, the sheik was the epitome of dapper. Short dark hair still adorned his head in the hairstyle du jour, an elegant coiffure that curled above his brow. Dark eyes were set into a brooding face, heavy-lidded as if he spent too much time having too many late nights but there was nary a wrinkle to be seen on his face. His lips were usually set into a smug sort of smirk, as if he knew the most delicious secret and wasn't ever going to share it with you.

That smirk was his downfall, in truth. And his dress sense. The roaring twenties had come and gone, but the geist of Allan Finnegan remained, frozen in his prime. From the front, he was a perfectly average looking man, but it was when you saw the back of him that his method of death became mabsolutely apparent. That elegantly coiffed hair was stained with dark blood, gleaming hints of a shattered skull catching the light. Should the man ever choose to speak, his voice was the restless wheezing of lungs struggling to fill. And yet he was perfectly pleasant to be around.

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RP Hooks
  • Ursula was, up until a year ago, a decently celebrated prima ballerina from the U.K. (Fame 1)
  • After making a remarkable recovery from a dancing accident, she has sought to become an active part of the social care community
  • In New York, one hardly sticks out for being weird. Ursula embraces her weirdness by dressing in fanciful outfits and being weather-inappropriate.

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Ursula Hayman

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AGE: Mid to late thirties

CONCEPT: Bitter ballerina trying to make a change

BURDEN: Abiding

ARCHETYPE: Necroplitan

LIMINAL AURA: Anchor, 30

GEIST: The Sheik


Striking Looks: 2 (Graceful)

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Played By: User:Morrowsong